Complaint Letter for Poor Maintenance

Maintenance is the art of adopting the best possible measures to restore and retain an item, asset, or property. All the households, as well as the property, need to be well maintained.

The actions performed in maintenance can be technical or administrative. Like any other department, there is also a proper maintenance department in all companies, buildings, plazas, and flats, which is responsible for all the respective measures to be taken for any kind of issue arose.

The quick solution to problems depends on the efficiency of the maintenance department. And efficiency comes with proper planning. The training of the employees is the most critical factor.

In all departments, employee training needs to have much care and attention. Employee efficiency occurs with training as well as treatment given to them. It is an easy task. The core issue is just to make an effective layout for prospective performances and fruitful results. If someone finds an issue regarding maintenance, they can simply make a complaint to their maintenance department to resolve the issue.

Complaint letter for poor maintenance [SAMPLE]

Dear [Recipients Name],

I am writing to make a complaint about the poor maintenance of Frere Residency. I have been your tenant for three years. In the first year of my shift, I filled the Performa of the required maintenance, but, all in vain. Since the time I have shifted, the marble slab of my kitchen is broken. Due to the broken slab, it is full of dirt and cannot be cleaned properly. Likewise, the aluminum net of the sliding windows of the living room is broken. Many a time, it happens that birds come inside the living room and make it nasty.

As for cross ventilation, we need to open the windows. You are aware of the humid weather in the city. Likewise, all door stoppers are non-operational. I always keep on complaining through phone calls. But, this is more than enough. As per the contract, all equipment should be functional and operational before handing over to tenants. I request you to focus on poor maintenance. Please resolve my issues as soon as possible.

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Complaint letter for poor maintenance

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Re. Complaint for Poor Maintenance Done by the Workers of Your Company

Dear Mr. /Ms. [NAME],

I am [NAME] from [NAME THE CITY]. I have been living in a house at [PRECISE ADDRESS] which was built by the construction services of your company. Your company is one of the most renowned construction companies in [NAME THE CITY]. Your company is one of the most reliable construction services and that is why your company has the prestige of working on high-profile projects.  

I am writing to complain about the poor maintenance done by your company. I signed a contract with your company according to which my house was to be constructed in three months. I have attached a copy of the contract for your convenience. Point c-iii of the contract states that the company shall provide free maintenance services for my house for three years including pipelines, paint, walls, and floor. 

After three weeks of construction, my house paint faded from below and it gave a two-shade color to the outer walls. Moreover, the water pipeline that supplies water to the kitchen and ground floor bathroom has leakage from three different points. I asked for the maintenance services which responded very later.

Moreover, I got a very late appointment for the free maintenance services. I was asked to pay extra charges to get an early appointment which I, of course, took. 

Afterward, the maintenance work was completed. After two days of maintenance, the water pipeline started leaking again. After checking I came to know that the workers from your company just applied regular glue to the pipe as a tool to stop leakage.

I am very much disappointed by your service and ask for immediate compensation. Respond to me as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will lodge a complaint to the local magistrate’s office. Thank you.

Complaint Letter for Poor Maintenance

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Re. Complaining the Poor Maintenance Done by Your Workers

Dear [NAME],

Your services are one of the most reliable services around the town. It is the only reason for always calling your services whenever something comes up. On [DATE], I called your office to send workers to repair my wooden cupboard that has been beetled. The cupboard was purchased last year in March.

On calling I was told that the service charges shall be more than the previous one as the lack of workers and labors has caused a lot of inconvenience to the work. Moreover, I had to pay extra charges because I called them in the evening and the workers could not only come at night. This way my total bill was $170. 

The workers kept on asking for the additional amount which I did not pay and threatened them to complain in their office. I am extremely disappointed while informing you that the maintenance work they did has no quality. They used different nails of different colors and made the cupboard a wooden colorful shaft. 

Moreover, they did not put handles in the right direction. The handle of the right side was fixed on the left and vice versa. I request you to look into this matter and reprimand the responsible. Moreover, I am expecting compensation for the poor maintenance done in the shape of a return of half of the charges I paid for this maintenance. 

I have attached the receipt of the bill I paid for the service. I am looking forward to your kind response. In case of no response, I shall complain to your head office in [NAME THE CITY]. Thank you. 

Complaint Letter for Poor Maintenance

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