Personal Academic & Employee Recommendation Letters

What is a recommendation letter?

A recommendation letter is also known as a ’reference letter ‘ or a ‘ letter of reference ‘ is a documented form, specifically requested to be written for an individual followed by the applicant name that describes and endorses the applicant skills, capabilities, potentials, and eligibility for the particular job or task applied for.

Why is a recommendation letter required?

In the job application process and many other activities, it is requested to submit the recommendation letter with the resume to present themselves as the best candidate. A strong recommendation helps the organization to decide who to hire as a true asset to their organization and to confirm the employee or applicant’s eligibility from an outside source.

Who can write a recommendation letter?

A recommendation letter must be written by a credible source for its better authenticity. On the other hand, a recommendation can also be done by a colleague, friend, family member or teacher. But in a formal way mostly it is written by higher authorities like manager, supervisor or boss to hold its weight.

Types of recommendation letter:

There are majorly three types of recommendation letters

  • Employment recommendation letter

Employment recommendation letter is required when the person is applying for a job and it is mostly written by someone in a position to describe the applicant skills and relevant character traits. These letters can be written by former employers, colleagues, and supervisors.

  • Academic recommendation letter

There are many situations where academic recommendation letter is requested to know the individual skills and qualities, such as if someone applying for the internship, students applying for higher school or scholarship. Sometimes academic and employment letters go hand in hand such as a teacher need recommendation letter to attain a higher position in a school. Academic letters can be written by teachers, professors & subject specialists.

  • Character recommendation letter

Character recommendation letter is also known as personal recommendation letter. It comes into play from child custody case to adoption and membership in any field like society or club. It is less formal than employment and academic letters. It is mostly written by friends and family to be evidence of that person’s character.

There are also many different types of recommendation letters that are the combination of the above for example a business person can ask for a recommendation on certain product or service etc.

In this modern day of technology, LinkedIn and Naymz are the social, professional and business websites that give a substitute to that one or two-page reference/recommendation letter where people affirm the skills of another person in the form of “blurb” or a short paragraph.

How to write a recommendation letter?

A good recommendation letter strongly speaks in the favor of the employee shedding light on the positive skills and ambitious character of the applicant. If you are the person who agrees to write a recommendation letter for someone you must review the details of the person to endorse his/her skills and potentials by asking for a CV or resume, academic records, and information for which area the recommendation letter is required for. You must know the format for writing a recommendation letter. Following is the format to write an effective recommendation letter.

Format to write a recommendation letter:

The recommendation letter has the following format

  • The address

  1. Your address on the top right side (spelled out) followed with a date
  2. Give the reference for the post applied.
  3. On the left side the recipient name and
  4. Open up with the business greeting
  • The body

  1. Introduction:

In the first paragraph introduce you with your name and designation/position, with the general recommendation and how you know that person.

  1. Professional career:

Introduce their skills potential character and positivity, with their advancement and achievement in the field.

  1. Your proclamation:

Your affirmation and testimony that they will be an asset to the organization.

  1. Conclude:

Conclude your letter with the reaffirmation and your offer to contact.

  • Closing

Close the letter by writing “sincerely”, “thank you” or “best regards” followed by your name.

Tips for writing a recommendation letter:

  1. A recommendation letter must be written in paragraphs.
  2. Be confident and use appreciated effective and positive words.
  3. Praise the skills but don’t exaggerate, be honest.
  4. Be specific in-person skills and qualification rather than general.
  5. Start each paragraph with a strong effective affirmation.
  6. Write their full name in the beginning then address them with the second name.
  7. Keep your writing precise.


Employee recommendation letter sample:

RE: Recommendation for Software Engineer

Dear Mr. /Mrs. XYZ,

I [YOUR NAME] work as a managing director at the company [COMPANY NAME]. I am pleased to recommend Mr. John James for the position of a software engineer in your company. I was working with Mr. James for the last two years and had a great working experience with him. Mr. James’s effectiveness and gigantic abilities are always applauding.

Mr. James has an excellence in developing and managing software and has a strong hold on Java, .net and android development languages. His approach and vision towards managing the applications and design creation of any application are highly professional for both the executive and end users. His fast learning skills allow him to work in any sort of the environment. Being a managing director, I have seen him growing and excelling in this field.

I am affirming that Mr. James will be a useful asset to your organization. You will be delighted to him as a powerful addition to your organization. Please feel free to contact me for any other inquiries.



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