Community Service Letter of Recommendation

You may have been asked to write a positive recommendation letter to someone for working as a volunteer in any charitable organization. You may not be aware of the professional structure and format of the recommendation letter.

An effective recommendation letter explains that for whom you are writing this recommendation letter. This letter also describes that what is the purpose of that person asking you for the recommendation and what are the key skills and strengths that you are compelled to recommend them.

To write a powerful recommendation letter, it is important for you to explain the talents and contributions of the individual who what’s to provide community services.

Writing a letter of recommendation is not your job, but you should do it for a good cause especially when you are writing to a charitable organization.

You should know how the person has impressed you personally. Try to think about three unique skills and strengths of that person that are strong enough to show the characteristics of that individual.

Sample letter -1

I would like you to accept this letter as a recommendation for [NAME HERE] who wants to work as a volunteer for your community. [NAME HERE] is a dedicated individual who loves to help others. He is a responsible and mature individual who can be given some responsibilities of volunteer work.

His passion and intelligence make him an ideal volunteer for our organization. In the next few months, we will have to terminate some operations that need volunteer work. So, I would recommend him to your organization. I would like him to work anywhere but in your organization.

[NAME HERE] is physically fit and works passionately. He will always be there whenever you need an active and hard-working volunteer.

We know that it will be a big loss for us to lose [NAME HERE] but we know that he loves to work with others and to help others. I will be happy to provide more information about him. Feel free to contact me at my phone number.

Yours sincerely.

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Community service letter of recommendation

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Sample Letter -2

It is my pleasure to compose this letter of recommendation for Miss Jane who wishes to volunteer for community service at your organization. She has been a valuable member of our team at our community service camp. Since our summer camp is now over, Miss Jane wants to join your organization to continue offering her services for the community’s welfare.

She is a diligent as well as a hard-working individual. During her volunteer work with us, she always exhibited a high-spirited nature which was infectious. She has always been spreading her energy to her co-workers. In this way, she helped us maintain a pleasantly positive atmosphere which is very important for any type of community service.

In addition, Miss Jane also possesses other important qualities which can prove to be valuable for your team. Her passion for community service is quite admirable. She also exhibits a strong sense of commitment. In many cases, volunteers often leave the job halfway through for various reasons. However, Miss Jane has always completed all assigned tasks with pleasure. Therefore, choosing her as a volunteer will be truly beneficial for your organization.

Your reputable organization has always been actively serving the community. To keep up your commendable work, you need volunteers who are efficient and passionate. Miss Jane is, therefore, perfect for your community service work. We have complete confidence that she will come up to your expectations by efficiently fulfilling all responsibilities entrusted to her.

Community service letter of recommendation

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