Community Service Offer Letters

What is community service offer letter?

It is an offer letter which is written by a student or other professional to the higher authorities of a community service center. Community service is an act of giving your time and services to an organization without expecting money in return.

This type of service is provided by individuals who want to do volunteer work for a good cause. Sometimes providing community service becomes important. There are many institutes where community service provision is mandatory for every student to get graduation degree.

Students studying in such institutes are required to do community work and then get the verification letter from authorities of community service to prove their volunteer work.

Such students write the community service offer letter to different organizations so that they can get a chance to work for the charitable organization.

They don’t get paid for this. However, they get an experience letter that also becomes a proof that they have worked for a charitable organization.

Some students also offer their services to non-profit organizations because they want to get admission in an institute where providing community services is an eligibility criterion.

Some people also offer the services they want to do work in the field voluntarily where they want to grow in their career. This enables them to get some insight and experience to work in that field. This experience is useful for them as they get many skills.

Tips for writing community service offer letter:

  1. You can write an offer letter briefly.
  2. Keep the tone of the letter formal.
  3. Write it clearly that you want to work for the charitable organization.
  4. How the organization will be benefitted should be written in the offer letter.

Simple Letter by a student:

I am a student of IT department at [XYZ University]. I want to provide my services as an IT technician in your organization free of cost.

It will benefit your organization and will also help me boost my skills. I hope that you will consider my offer or work in your organization.


Sample Letter -1

Community service offer letterI would like to volunteer for community services at your organization. I came across your website on the internet and was impressed with all the causes you are working for. I feel truly motivated by your mission statement and would love to make my contribution towards your welfare goals.

I am willing to perform any task you assign me to the service of the community. I would like to work at one of the orphanages managed by your organization. Having two kids of my own, I know how to care for little ones. Moreover, I feel these angels need extra special love and care. I am willing to devote my time to bring smiles to their faces. I also have some ideas for the further improvement of the condition of these orphanages. We can arrange a meeting to discuss these ideas.

Although I haven’t worked for a community service center before, I do possess several skills which can be beneficial in this field. For instance, I have good management skills and can organize events, such as fundraisers. Furthermore, my communication skills can be used for motivating others to make donations for your causes.

I am a hardworking and responsible individual. You can rely on me when it comes to carrying out assigned duties. Combining these qualities with my desire to serve my community, I believe I can really make a good contribution as a volunteer at your community service center. Therefore, I request you to give me a chance and avail my services. Download

Sample Letter -2

Community service offer letterI am writing in response to your advertisement regarding volunteers for your community center. I would like to offer my services for your welfare projects. I am a college student, and this is my semester break. Therefore, I can devote a considerable amount of time for community service projects at your organization.

I have a passion towards serving humanity. During my high school years, I have been actively participating in small, yet important community service activities. During my spare time, I used to visit old age homes to help the elderly. I have also worked in groups during fundraising events organized by my school. Now I wish to work for your well-established organization to help the community in a better way.

I like accepting challenges and can work under pressure. I am also good at multitasking. So, I can easily perform more than one tasks at a time. I expect these qualities will be useful as a volunteer for your community service center.

The duration of my semester break is one month. During this time, I can devote all the time you need. I would like to continue offering my services to you once my classes resume. However, then I will only be able to work for two hours in the evenings. I hope we can work things out and adjust so that I can be a part of your team. I look forward to working with your reputable organization which is doing a great job at serving the community. Download