Christmas Closure Emails

Christmas time is once again drawing near. This is a time to celebrate and enjoy the holidays. It is indeed wonderful to get off work and lounge around relaxing. One can unravel and relax, whether at home or with family.

What is a Christmas Closure Email?

A Christmas closure email is an email sent to the staff stating that the office, institution, etc. will be closed for the Christmas holidays. It can be one that a store will send to customers as well.

What to Include in a Christmas Closure Email?

If you need to create a Christmas closure email you can keep in mind the following points:

  • Email platform– The email will be sent through the company’s email ID to all concerned. If a store is sending it, then it will be from their email ID.
  • Address the employees or customers– The employees or customers need to be addressed. This can be done by “Dear” or something else.
  • Beginning the email– Start by hoping that the holiday season finds all well and enjoying themselves. State that you know it is a time that everyone has been waiting for. You should show that you are like the employees or customers and are also excited about this time. It is necessary to say that everyone hopes to spend some good time with families and friends and that the holiday closure time is coming ahead. Convey that you hope that everyone will enjoy the holidays as much as yourself.
  • State when the holidays will be: It is important to tell when the office, company, institution, or store will be closed. You can give the number of days and from what date to what date. Tell them that this closure is because of the Christmas holidays.
  • Any queries– You need to tell that all queries, as well as orders that are posted at least a certain day before the holidays start, will only be processed immediately when the holidays are over.
  • Apologize– Apologies for any inconvenience that this may present to anyone. Thank the customers for their understanding.
  • Ending the letter– Tell that you wish the readers all the best and say “Happy Holidays!” Thank the customers or employees and end with “Yours Sincerely.” It is a good idea to state the sender’s signature and then their name.
  • Images and color– If it is a store, then it is a good idea to make the email look attractive so that customers will read it. This can be done by adding exciting holiday images and colors.

Advantages of a Christmas Closure Email:

The advantages of a Christmas closure email are the following:

  • Allows a store to inform customers when they
    will be closed due to the Christmas holidays
  • The store can formally apologize to customers
    if any inconvenience happens because of this

A Christmas closure email is an email that can help customers and employees know when the store, company, institution, etc. will be closed due to the Christmas holidays.

Sample Emails

Email -1.

This is to inform our valued customers that our stores will be closed on account of Christmas from 25th to 27th December. You may do your Christmas shopping with us till 4 pm on the 24th of December.

We look forward to seeing you again after the holidays. We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Email -2.

All employees are informed that the Christmas holidays will begin on the 24th of December. You are requested to wind up this week’s tasks before the Christmas break.

The office will resume on Thursday, 26th December. We wish everyone happy festivities.

Email -3.

I would like to inform you that the company’s Christmas break starts tomorrow. The office will remain closed for 3 days. There will be no business correspondence during this time. I will get back to your case as soon as the holidays end.

Hope you enjoy the festivities. I wish you and your family a happy and blessed Christmas.

Christmas Closure Email

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