Secret Santa Message to Colleagues

Christmas is coming. This is an exciting event for many. It is a time to enjoy and be with family. There are many events that one can arrange and enjoy whether this is with relatives or colleagues as well. Santa is an important part of Christmas and sending messages addresses as him is another fun part of this holiday.

What is a Secret Santa Message to Colleagues?

A secret Santa message to colleagues is a message that one sends to their colleagues saying that they are the colleagues Secret Santa. It is a fun message and maybe anonymous as well.

What to Include in a Secret Santa Message to Colleagues?

If you need to make a secret Santa message to colleagues, you can consider the following points:

  • Typed or written– This is a fun and informal message so it is up to you if you want to write it or type it. Both will look good. If you decide to type it, this can be done in Microsoft Word.
  • Images– This is a fun message, and so images will make it look attractive. The images must be Christmas ones. This can include cartoon ones of Santa, mistletoe, Christmas stockings, Christmas tree, etc. Any images related to Christmas can be included.
  • Colors– It is also a good idea to add colors. This is because it will also make the secret Santa message look attractive and eye-catching. Christmas colors are red, green, white, etc. These stand out.
  • Address the message– Start the letter with “Dear” and then have the name of the colleague.
  • Fun and exciting message– The message should be cheerful. You can begin with “Ho, ho, ho!” or something like this. You can tell that you are the Secret Santa. To make it more creative, you will not add your name and allow the colleague to guess who you are. If you have picked out a gift for the person and are attaching this message with the gift, state that you have done this. You can even tell that the colleague is a good person to work with. You can state how a colleague has helped you and made life easier for you. The positive points can be stated.
  • Ending– You can end with “Merry Christmas” and then “Your Secret Santa friend.” The message can be like a card having the main page with images and then the message or it can be on one piece of paper. Both look good.

Advantages of a Secret Santa Message to Colleagues:

The advantages of a secret Santa message to colleagues have the following advantages:

  • Let’s one appreciate their colleagues
  • Is a fun way to convey Merry Christmas to colleagues

A secret Santa message to colleagues is an exciting one that is fun to make. Enjoy making it and make it bright and attractive. The above points can be kept in mind when you want to create this message. It is better to be creative than make it simple and boring.

Sample Messages

Message -1.

Merry Christmas wishes from your Secret Santa. I hope you like your gift and have a great time with your family.

Message -2.

While you unwrap this box to reveal the gift, you can never find who your Secret Santa is. But my wishes for you are no mystery as I openly pray for your success, joy, and prosperity. May you have the best Christmas this year!

Message -3.

Here is your Christmas gift and wishes for a blessed Christmas for you. May the heavens shower you with joy for everything you do. Merry Christmas from your secret Santa.

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More Messages


Christmas is coming and it’s time for some fun. I hope that you guys are ready to enjoy the festival. My way to impress my fans is that I just leave a Christmas gift and run away. This is a good way to express the joy of the event. You will be truly inspired by the present given to you. This is because Santa knows about your likes and dislikes. The week has started and Santa is preparing gifts secretly. Stay Blessed!


Everyone loves holiday surprises. It is one of the best things one can ever imagine. After a lot of hard-working days and tiresome routine, there is nothing better than a secret gift. It will surely double the happiness of Christmas. Santa is ready to fill your event with great joys. Be ready to receive your favorite things. Wishing you a happy Christmas holiday!


I just really love to make the co-workers happy by giving them awesome gifts. I understand the fact that all of the workers deserve a great holiday surprise. So I am keeping the time and place in secret. I assure that you will be stunned by my way of pleasing you. Santa is ready and steady. So hold on guys, stay safe and happy. Merry Christmas!


I know that you will be wondering about the gift that you just received. It was given by me to double the pleasures of the holiday.  So you wanna know who’s me? No! I am not supposed to reveal this. However, you can assume it by yourself, buddy. You just have to say thanks in this regard instead of knowing about the sender. The gift giver loves you a lot. Have a great day. Enjoy yourselves. Merry Christmas!


I am proud of all the coworkers. No matter from which sector you belong to. You guys are playing a great role in maintaining stability and balance in the region. You have a great part in the management of affairs of all the sectors. Coworkers are working day and night to help businesses grow and to increase sales. Business deserves a good profit. In the same way, dedicated coworkers deserve something on great events like Christmas. So here I am sending you gifts as a symbol of love. I am joyful to appreciate your efforts. Merry Christmas Pals!


Love is something that can change the meaning of life. It is a universal language that every creature understands. The celebrations include festivities and merry-making. To express this feeling on the day of Christmas I have decided to give plenty of gifts to the dear coworkers. I am giving it to show sympathy to the lovely workers. All this process is secret and I am not gonna tell you about myself. So after receiving the gift just say thanks. Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas