Advance Payment Letter to Manager

An advance payment letter to the manager is written when an employee wants to get a loan from the company for some personal need. In this letter, the employee elaborates on his need and asks for advance money which he will agree to pay back on the agreed terms and conditions.

If you’re working in a company, there may be a time when you’ll need some money in advance for one reason or another. It’s quite normal, some people find it hard to request advance payment but there are basic steps you can take to avoid being puzzled and perplexed. We’ll show you how to write a letter below, too.

A formal request is mandatory…

Though this request isn’t possible in person but keeping it formal will always save you from any kind of trouble.

  • The first rule to ask for a payment in advance is to remember that the company’s sales are going well, only then your boss or manager will be able to do something for you happily.
  • The second rule is to figure out the day and time when your boss’s mood is perfect to ask for the advance.
  • The third most important rule in this regard is to keep in mind to ask (anything) alone or at least with people who you know are there for the same purpose, keeping in mind that you can be denied that payment and you might have to work even a little harder after the comments your boss makes. This brings us to rule#2, checking the mood and occasion for asking.
  • Another rule is to keep in mind the denial and rejection of your loan. Your manager/employer could ask for your financial reviews and files and may not be able to comprehend them (especially in the case when the company is on a low budget.)

If your request for a loan isn’t necessarily big, you can still politely ask the employer to reconsider your request keeping in mind the situation of the occasion.

The last rule is to check whether your company has got a formal protocol, a form to fill out, or some rules to keep in mind and to follow before requesting a loan.

Remember! Some companies only provide a loan if there’s an emergency or a medical situation, car insurance, home repair, or something huge that falls in their category of importance.

Below is the professional, literal, and written way to ask in the form of a letter:

Letters, emails, and messages


With due respect, it stated that I immediately needed advance payment for August. My wife’s delivery was in September. Yesterday, she met with an unforeseen incident. She fell down the stairs because the floor was very slippery. I rushed her to the hospital in an emergency, where she was operated on. The operation cost was $10,000, and I did not have the required money. I have to submit the amount within two days, but I do not want to take help from anyone else. It will be a kind act if you give me the advance payment for next month. I will be grateful to you for this favor.


I am writing this letter to ask for your favor regarding the advance payment. I am offering my services as the managing director of your enterprise. During my five-year career, I did not ask for any help. I live in an ABC housing society, and the recent snowstorm and heavy rain have deteriorated my house in different places. If the construction does not start on time, there is a risk of falling down the drawing room’s roof. I have small children at home, and my mind always remains stuck on them during work.

I have this fear that some calamity will happen. Within the given salary, I cannot bear the construction expenses. Therefore, I request an advance payment. I want to embed the wreckage until it brings more scourges. I hope you will take my request into account.


I hope you are doing well. I am Laura Den, and I am writing this message to request July’s advance payment. I travel daily for two hours from Alaska to attend the office. On [mention date], my car met with an accident. As a result, 30% of my car was damaged and needs repair. My current month’s salary has been used for household expenses. The remaining amount I have cannot meet the damage expenses. I humbly request that you permit next month’s salary in advance. I will forever remain in your favor to help me during this hour.


I am writing this message as a formal request for an advance salary for January. I had looked for other options, but they ended in disappointment. My son studies at ABC College and is in his last semester. Due to the financial crisis, I could not submit his fee on time. He will not be able to get his degree if the admission fee is not paid before the due date.

I have never asked for advance payment, but this is the option I have now. The circumstances forced me to come to you for a favor. Kindly give me my next month’s salary in advance. I will be highly grateful to you for this.


This is to state that I need an advance salary for July and August. I work as a controller officer in your organization, and I am in dire need of this money. My daughter was in a road accident yesterday. She is badly injured, and her left leg is fractured. She has surgery on [mention date], and I have to pay the expenses before [mention date].

I am out of money; therefore, I humbly request that you approve my request. Saving the life of one person is equivalent to saving all humanity. I will wait for your positive response.


I hope this message finds you in good health. This message intends to seek your commendation for the advance payment request. Due to an emergency, I request you to give me two months’ salary in advance. My wife conceived first time after five years of marriage. Most of my salary is spent on meeting her medical expenses. Hence, it becomes difficult for me to meet grocery expenses.

Time is hard for me, and I am looking for a part-time job. For now, I request you to please give me one month’s advance salary. It will help me to adjust my expenditures. Please let me know in response to this message if my request gets approved. I shall be thankful to you.

Sample Letter

RE: Request for Advance Payment

Respected Manager (name of the manager should be written here).

I’m writing this letter to inform you of my urgency to request a loan of $1000/- to be reimbursed with an inference from my salary every month.

My son has graduated and got admission to XYZ medical school. The wife and I can manage the tuition, but the initial expenses of the dorm, travel, and miscellaneous purposes and things can’t be done altogether without the loan I’m asking you for.

I have enclosed the information about the medical school, his admission, and the dorm expenses and estimate as well as some travel docs with this letter/email.

Deduction of this advance can be done through my every month’s salary in installments. If you still have any questions regarding this loan, please contact me at my phone number or e-mail and I will further elaborate on you.

Thank you so much for giving this a thought.


Your Signature (The person requesting the loan).
Your name (Printed Form).
List of Attachments and Enclosures.

Advance Payment Letter to Manager

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