Employee Profile Form

An employee profile is a set of personal and professional details of an employee brought together in a single document to make a recording, tracking and accessing the employee information smooth. This profile is like the identity and representation of an employee; the employee can be known or reached by his/her profile in the organization.

When a company is small, the lesser number of employees makes it easy for the management to know their employees personally. The employers would know their employees’ expertise and hence can manage them accordingly. However, as a company becomes large, it has more employees, which makes it essential to keep a proper record of the employee profiles in the company.

Employee profiles are maintained by the companies for various reasons, such as:

  • It is a record that is kept with the organization and can be used to track an employee, his performance, experience, etc.
  • At a glance, the profile can give the required information about an employee.
  • As it includes personal information, it is easy to know who to contact in an emergency or how to reach the employee if he is not at work.
  • The professional details and credentials make the process of matching an employee with the job requirements easy.

It is very important that the employee profiles are recorded in a uniform and synchronized manner for effortless tracking. All the employee information should be recorded in the same pattern for every employee, which means the same employee profile form should be used to gather the same information.

If varying details are recorded, it can not only become confusing, but some significant information might be missed for one or the other employee.

Therefore, organizations develop and utilize employee profile forms for documenting the details of their employees. These details can be categorized into personal details and professional details. The examples of included information that is usually sought in the employee profile form are:

  • Personal information:
    • Name.
    • Gender.
    • Age.
    • Father’s details.
    • Home address.
    • Contact number.
    • Emergency contact number.
    • Relationship with the emergency contact, etc.
  • Professional information or credentials:
    • Qualification.
    • Experience.
    • The number of employment years.
    • Employment years with the company.
    • Skills.
    • Specialization area.
    • Awards or achievements, etc.

There can be variations in the required information on the employee profile forms as per the desire and size of the organization. In addition, the forms, apart from the basic information requirements, may slightly vary for different hierarchical levels. The filled and updated forms are kept in the employee file so that they can be easily accessed whenever required by the organization.

These days, technological advancements have overwhelmed the organizations and maximum information has become computerized, leading to limited issues and problems in the availability and accessibility of information. This is applicable to employee information as well. One of the advantages, among many, is that the perfect fit of the employee’s skills with the job designations can be found.

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