Employee Information Form

An employee information form is a document that is used by the organizations to gather information and details of an employee for keeping a record of their employees as well as use the details for various purposes, such as an emergency. Although it is important to have the employee information saved in company documents in small organizations, it becomes even more essential in large organizations due to a large number of employees and difficulty for the management in remembering employee details of every employee.

Employee information forms are used by organizations for different reasons, such as:

  • All the relevant and required employee information can easily be collected through a single document.
  • This can be used as an emergency form as well, as it contains the information regarding the emergency contacts.
  • This can provide the details of the people who are dependent on the employees. For instance, if the company is providing medical insurance, it would know which relations of the employee need to be insured in addition to the employee himself.
  • As it records the employee’s position, the management and HR department would know who the responsible person is in case of a mishap or poor performance.

Generally, the information that is requested for in an employee information form includes:

  • Personal and identification details, like name, gender, address.
  • Emergency contacts and relationships with them.
  • Dependent contacts and relationships (for insurance).
  • Credentials, including qualifications, experiences, skills, etc.
  • Employment history.
  • Employees’ designations or responsibilities in the organization.
  • Job starting date and employment duration with the organization.

When an employee is hired by an organization, he is given an employee information form that needs to be filled soon as a part of the hiring process. The general details are provided by the employee and the organization records it, use it for tracking purposes as well as additional information can be updated in the form later as well. This form is kept in the employee file to be easily reached and accessed.

Some organizations may not give this form as a hiring process document, but the information form should be given and filled by the employee soon so that the organization can have a record of the employee details.

Due to the widespread use of technologies in the organizations, usually, the employee information forms are provided on the company portals or through emails, which needs to be filled by the employee on the computer as well. Even if the organization provides a hard copy of the employee information form, the gathered details are usually recorded and saved in a computer system as a soft copy.

The employee profile form and employee information form are not the same. The major difference is that the latter focuses on collecting the basic information of the employee while the former mainly aims to record the employee credentials (although it does record the employee’s personal information as well). However, these forms can be used interchangeably, if the requested information covers all the required details, both personal and professional, of the employee.

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