Character Reference Letter for Court

A reference letter helps us a lot especially when we want to get a new job, move to a different country, or win a case. In this letter, a person speaks in favor of us. Of all types of reference letters, character reference letters are more useful. 

What is a character reference letter?

It is a formal reference letter in which a person talks about how good character is. Through this letter, people show support for the defendant so that he can win the case. The purpose of the character reference letter is to influence the court and in some cases, it is strong enough to reverse the jurisdiction of the court. 

When to get the character reference letter for court?

The timing of the character reference letter is very important. If you get late, you have no benefit. So, you should get it as soon as your lawyer has asked you to make arrangements for it to prove that you are a person of high moral character. In some situations, the court asks the person to provide a character reference letter. The court also gives the deadline for the submission. A defendant needs to respect the deadline and submit the required documentation before the deadline.

Who should write it for you?

As soon as you perceive that you need a reference letter talking about your good and trustworthy character, you should start looking for a person who can write a letter for you. It cannot be your blood relations or your spouse. You can find someone in your friends’ circle or also in your office to find a person who you think knows you well. 

Also, make sure that the person you have chosen is well aware of the language to be used in the letter and also knows what can be written in the letter to make an impact. So, you have to be very careful in terms of choosing the person who can vow for you. 


In court, there are lots of things people are judged for. So, it is important to bring everything in the court that can speak in favor of them and prove that they are innocent. A character reference letter is an ideal document to be presented before the court. 

If you are someone who has been asked to write the one and you want to help that person defend himself effectively, you can write a perfect reference letter by following the tips given below:

Give your introduction:

It is important to introduce yourself in the letter to let the court know how you know the defendant. The court does not allow everyone to write a reference letter as blood relations cannot write it. So, this part of the letter will tell how much your reference can be meaningful for the court.

Furthermore, giving your introduction in the letter tells the court in which setting you have known the defendant. If it is a professional setting, the court will give more preference to your reference letter. 

Describe the character of the defendant:

You have been asked by the defendant to write the reference letter so that you can state that he/she has a good moral character. You should discuss some personality and character traits of the person you have found in him and you can also mention an incident in which that person proved himself to be a man of character. 

It might be tempting for you to ask the court to let off the defendant. However, it is never recommended. You should never try to influence the case by showing direct involvement in it. 

Be realistic:

If you have been asked to write about the character and mention some good personality and character aspects, it does not mean that you should exaggerate in such a way that everything starts becoming doubtful. Be mindful of what you say since this letter is going to be represented in court. State everything in this letter in a realistic way. 

Sample 1

I am writing this letter to provide a personal character reference for XYZ. I have known him for the past few years as his colleague at ABC Company. During this time, I have observed that XYZ is a responsible individual who weighs moral values and displays ethics and integrity.

XYZ is an honest person who always follows the company’s rules at work. I have also witnessed his respect for the law and the rights of other fellow humans. He is known as a compassionate and law-abiding person in our circle.

I am sure there has been some misunderstanding regarding the legal notice served that has been given to XYZ. He might have committed a mistake due to confusion or ignorance. The authorities should consider his clean track record before deciding on any legal action to be taken against him.

Please let me know if I can help you further with any information about XYZ.

Character Reference Letter for Court

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Sample 2

I am delighted to present this character reference letter for XYZ who has been my employee for the past 8 years. He is a hardworking and dedicated individual and displays sincerity and honesty toward his job. It has been a pleasure having a responsible person work on my team.

I have known XYZ both at work as well outside the office. As an individual, he is submissive and obedient. He is a straightforward person who follows all rules and regulations and displays respect for the law.

The court should consider XYZ’s clean past and his inspirational character before taking legal action against him.

I will be pleased to offer more details and information about XYZ. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries.

Character Reference Letter for Court

Letter File 67 KB

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