Business Contract Renewal Letters

Business is all about manufacturing, buying, and selling products and services. Indirectly, business contributes much to the economic development of a country. A well-established and popular business can even change the status of a country. The rapid and continuous revenues can make it categorized from a developing to a developed country. In the same way, continuous losses can de-categorize the status of the country.

A business is usually developed with the mutual consent of two or more parties, depending on the type of business. Both parties have to sign various formalities before final implementation.

The two parties have to sign a business contract. A contract is a type of agreement that shows that both parties intend to start the relevant business with mutual understanding.

A business contract serves as a legally binding agreement. It has various terms and agreements to be signed after several meetings and discussions between both parties. Business contracts have some important factors. One of them is the starting date, and the other is the expiration date. The other factor is pricing expression. The important signatures from both parties are also an important factor.

A business contract renewal letter is sent once the dedicated time period is about to expire. It is being sent to the relevant party. The letter contains references to the agreement, including the name of the business, the names of the parties, and the expiration date. A request must be made for renewal. Additionally, reasons for renewal must be mentioned. A prompt response can also be requested.

The letter


We are pleased to inform you that we wish to renew our business contract with you. Our current contract is approaching its end on August 11, 20XX. We would love to continue our partnership by proposing a renewal of this contract for another 5 years.

Please review the attached contract renewal document and let us know your feedback. If you have any questions or require modifications, do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


As the expiration of our current agreement draws closer, we are delighted to continue the positive business relationship we have established over the past 10 years. We, therefore, propose a renewal of our business contract.

We suggest a meeting in order to discuss the new contract. Please let us know a suitable day and time to arrange the meeting.

We hope to hear from you soon.


How are you? Hopefully, you are doing well at your place. I wish you the best of emotional strength and everlasting harmony in your life. If you remember, our company reserved the contract to manufacture uniforms for your school two years ago. The firm had achieved its target of making 3600 uniforms in a brief span of five months.

We are a well-organized, reliable, steadfast, and accountable organization. Your workforce is happy with our hard work and great exertions to maintain the best possible quality in every way. We learned somehow that you are once again going to give us the opportunity to assign the contract for manufacturing uniforms.

We would be very engrossed in resuming the treaty for the next two years. Kindly indicate to us in your inscription whether you would also be delighted to extend the contract. Our company will be full of gratitude if you allow us to regenerate business. Express gratitude with eagerness.


Business contract renewal letter

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