Birthday Gift Certificates

A birthday gift certificate is a gift voucher or token that holds value for the person receiving the certificate, either in terms of money or goods or services that can be received by exchanging the certificate. It can be a paper or card that has the details mentioned in it.

Birthday gift certificates are, usually, purchased by the sender from stores, brands or service providers. Different organizations design and issue birthday gift certificates to fulfill the need of their customers who want to gift the certificates as well as increase their sales. The certificates act as a token for the receiver which he can exchange and receive the value entitled by the certificate.

The birthday certificates are a substitute for a gift. There are many advantages of opting for this certificate instead of a simple gift.

  • Selecting a gift or carrying it to the receiver may be a hassle or may require time, which can be easily saved by gifting the certificates.
  • The recipient may not like the gift, so the certificate is a safe choice. For instance, the sender may give a certificate with store credit so that the receiver may buy whatever he wants.
  • A sender may want to gift a service, e.g. a spa day, which can easily be gifted by using a birthday gift certificate.
  • The sender may be far away at the time of the receiver’s birthday, so he can easily send the certificate.
  • These certificates have minimal chances of being stolen or misused, as they have the receiver’s details written on them.
  • They can be given to an organization’s regular customers on their birthday as a marketing step to maintain their loyalty.
  • Employers can give these certificates to their employees as they look more formal and professional.

There are many templates available here as well as in different programs, such as Microsoft Word, which are often utilized for designing birthday gift certificates, rather than designing them from scratch. These templates are easily downloadable and customizable. They are edited by adding varying details as per the requirements. However, the general details in all the certificates are:

  • Name and/or other details of the sender.
  • Name and/or other details of the recipient.
  • Value or entitled product/service.
  • Validity.
  • Message from the sender, if any.
  • Brand or company details, if any.

When designing the birthday gift certificates, in addition to the selection of details that need to be included, the following factors should also be considered:

  • The certificate should be attractive and likable.
  • The colors used should be vibrant.
  • The format should be formal and yet catchy.
  • The certificate might even serve as a marketing tool so, it needs to be prepared properly. It may even generate more sales from the receiver in the future. For instance, if a certificate entitles the receiver to dinner at a restaurant and the receiver likes the restaurant, he probably would visit again, even without a certificate.

The birthday gift certificates are widely used by individuals as well as by different organizations.

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