Independence Day Holiday Announcement

Independence Day is a day on which a country officially became independent or liberated from external power. As a celebration gesture, Independence Day, usually, is a public holiday, announced by the government. To cherish and show gratitude, the organizations follow the suit as well. For this, they have to inform their employees about the holiday formally through the Independence Day holiday announcement letter.

Usually, these letters are not individual in nature, rather they are addressed to all the employees, departments or units. The letter is issued by the HR department, signed by the employer, and is either posted on the notice board or circulated among the departments. Recently, due to the technological advancements and their applications in the organizations, these letters are sent through emails, as well.

In these letters, the organizations inform the employees about the holiday as well as any celebrations or gifts offered by the organization. The format and details of these letters can vary from organization to organization, but the general format includes the following details:

  • Date of letter
  • Details of the sender
  • Details of the addressee
  • Announcement
  • Celebration at the organization, if any
  • Any gift vouchers or other offers, if any
  • Salutation

Usually, the letter is issued to inform the employees of an organization regarding the Independence Day holiday. However, in some scenarios, these letters can also be used as a notice to inform the customers as well.

Sample -1

Dear employees,

It is to inform you that there is a public holiday on XX, 20XX, as announced by the government. Our organization will also remain closed on this day.

We are having a celebration of Independence Day in the evening of XX, 20XX. Kindly, collect your Independence Day badges and shirts from the HR department and join us for the celebration. The dinner will be served by us.

Have a nice day!


HR department.

Independence day holiday announcement letter

Sample -2

Dear employees,

This letter is to notify you about the holiday of Independence Day, i.e. XX, 20XX.

The management has decided to keep the store closed on this day, so to celebrate the spirit of freedom and independence.

We have arranged the dinner, musical evening and fireworks, one day before Independence Day, at midnight for all our employees at XYZ hotel. Join us to celebrate together on this day. The dinner would be served at 9:00 p.m.


Will Watson.

Independence day holiday announcement letter

Sample -3

Dear employees,

As you know, the government has declared a public holiday on Independence Day. The management of our organization has also decided to announce XX, 20XX, a holiday.

We have another good news for you as well. Because the holiday is falling on Thursday, we have decided to give the next day, i.e. Friday XYZ, 20XX, an off-day as well, so that you all can enjoy a long weekend. Not only this, collect your dinner coupons from the HR department before you go back home today.

Enjoy the holidays and come back refreshed! Have an independent long weekend!


The Management Team.

Independence day holiday announcement letter