Sales Report Letters to Boss

A sales report is a report that is prepared by the sales department for internal or external use. Some organizations may prepare different sales reports with different information for internal and external purposes. This report provides the details of the sales of an organization for a certain period of time. A sales report letter is a letter that is written to the employer of an organization, in which a summary of the sales scenario during a given time period is presented.

The frequency of the sales report is dependent on the organization’s and stakeholders’ requirements, as well as the nature of the business and the size of the organization. A sales report may be prepared:

  • On a daily basis.
  • On a weekly basis.
  • On a half-monthly basis.
  • On a monthly basis.
  • On a quarterly basis.
  • On a half-yearly basis.
  • On a yearly basis.

The sales report letter may be prepared after every sales report, or the frequency of the letter may be different depending on the company policy. In the sales report letter addressed to the boss, the sales department provides the summarized figures and details that are required by the boss. These may vary from organization to organization or even from boss to boss. However, the general details included in a sales report letter are:

  • Date of preparation.
  • Time-period covered.
  • Details of the addressee.
  • Details of the addressee.
  • Budgeted and actual sales volume for the time period.
  • Increase or decrease in sales through trends.
  • Reasons behind the increase or decrease in sales.
  • Issues faced by the sales department or issues with the products/services.
  • Strategies to further improve sales or compete better, such as marketing strategies, improved quality, etc.
  • Forecasted sales for the next period, if applicable.

As the preparation of the sales report letters is an ongoing process, organizations, usually, develop a template for them. Or, they use the ready-made templates available online or in programs, such as Microsoft Word. The templates from these sources are easily accessible, downloadable, and customizable. Using a template is beneficial because it saves time and effort whenever the sales report letter is prepared.

The Sales report letter helps the manager get an overview of the sales situation and the concerned issues, including any discrepancies from the budgeted and forecasted figures. In addition to this, sometimes, the manager may demand a sales report letter in the case of decreased sales or any other issue. This letter not only saves the manager’s time but also notifies him if he needs to go through the whole sales report or dig deep into any prevailing issues.

Daily Sales Report Letter to Boss

I am writing this letter to report to you about the daily sales on April 28, 20XX.

A decrease of 10% was experienced on April 28, 20XX, as compared to April 27, 20XX. The amount for the sales was $1800/- and $2000/-, respectively. The reason behind the reduction was the strike in the area, because of which the outlet remained closed for almost half of the day.

The sales are expected to pick up on 29th April 2019 and are expected to touch $2200/-, as the customers who could not come today probably will visit tomorrow.

Let me know if you need any other information.


Jim Watson.

Daily Sales Report Letter to Boss

Weekly Sales Report Letter to Boss

Dear Ms. Emily,

I am writing this letter to give you an overview of the sales for the week of 18th June 20XX- 25th June 20XX.

I am excited to inform you that we have not only reached our target for this week’s sales but also exceeded it by 15%. Below is a summary of the sales.

Last week’s salesBudgeted sales for this weekActual sales of this weekIncrease/Decrease in percentage
[$] [$] [$] [$]

There are two reasons for increased sales. One, the season has changed and the low temperature is forcing the customers to wear winter clothing. Secondly, one of the major competitors has closed its shop in the area.

The sales for the next week are expected to rise at 5% percent. If you need any other information, kindly, let me know.


William Steven.

Weekly Sales Report Letter to Boss

Monthly Sales Report Letter to Boss

Dear Mr. Watson,

This letter is to present you with a summary of the sales for the month of June 20XX.

As you know, our sales have been experiencing a decrease in the last few months. However, this month of June has experienced an increase due to our changed marketing strategies, implemented on April 20XX. The promotional campaign is yielding results now, which are expected to continue in the upcoming months as well. In July, sales are expected to rise by 3%.

Here, is the summary of the sales amount of June 2019, and the relevant figures:

Sales of May, 20XXBudgeted sales of June, 20XXActual sales of June 20XXIncrease/Decrease in percentage
[$] [$] [$] [$]

If you need any other information, kindly contact me.


Jill William.

Monthly Sales Report Letter to Boss