Authorization Letter to Collect/Receive or Claim Documents

We claim something when we are sure that the thing being claimed belongs to us. For instance, if we have earned or purchased a product, we can claim it to be ours. People who are sure that they will get ownership of the product usually claim it with full confidence.

There are many such instances when a person wants to claim a document from an organization or a package but cannot do so because they are not available to make a claim or due to any other inability that makes them depend on someone who can act on their behalf and make a claim.

What is an authorization letter to claim?

According to the law, no one is allowed to claim someone as it is an illegal claim for something that is not in your ownership. However, if you have to do it in any case, you will need an authorization letter from the person who wants you to take action on their behalf.

Why is writing an authorization letter to collect it important?

If you want to claim something for an organization, you will be required to be physically present in front of that organization to make a claim. Your signatures will be needed at different places and therefore, it would be impossible for you to claim for something remotely.

Some people live outside their country and they need to claim something from their homeland, they can ask someone in their family or someone they trust to act on their behalf and claim something they need.

The person who gets permission to act on someone’s behalf has to show the letter of authority at different places to prove that what they are claiming makes sense.

The letter of authority should be written in such a way that the person being authorized does not face any problems while making the claim. You should write a complete and purposeful letter that serves the purpose. Don’t forget to provide your identification verified details also because the reader will need them to confirm that you are a legitimate person who is in the authority to write a permission letter and give their rights to someone else.

Here is a sample letter of authority you can write to transfer your authority to someone who you think can be the best person to get the hand on the thing you want to claim to be yours.

Sample letter

Subject: Authorization letter to claim [product, payment, service, or a document]

Respected Mr. ABC,

I, [mention your name] authorize Mr. [mention the name of the person being permitted] to fill out the application form and claim for the issuance of my bachelor’s degree.

I am writing this letter of authority because I am out of the country and it is not possible for me to commute right now. Therefore, I am compelled to transfer my authority to Mr. __________.

I am unable to collect my degree myself and therefore, I am granting this authority.

Following are the details of the authorized person:

Full name: _____________

Identification details such as id card number or passport number: ____________

Contact number: _____________

Relationship with the authorizer:____________.

Please find my documents attached to this letter including a copy of my id card, passport-size photographs, and a signed copy of the authorization.

I request you show some cooperation with the authorized person in following the necessary procedures to complete the process of claiming the re-issuance of my degree.

I trust the authorized person and they have all the rights to make decisions on my behalf and sign all the documents wherever it is needed. I will not hold your organization responsible for anything if you take any action against the claim of the authorized person.

I appreciate your understanding in this matter. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the details provided below.

Thank you for your support.


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Authorization Letter to Collect-Receive or Claim Documents

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