Letter Explaining Absence from Work

Re. Explanation of Absence from Work

Dear Sir, I hope this letter finds you well. My letter concerns the recent absence from work which needs to be explained. I am writing this letter to explain my absence [mention the date] due to unavoidable circumstances. Please review my letter and accept my explanation.

I apologize for my unauthorized absence for [number of [X] days. Unfortunately, during this time I got really sick. I was unable to leave bed due to extreme pains in my body. I visited my medical consultant in the nearby hospital, and he examined me completely and diagnosed me with [mention your medical condition]. My consultant advised me to take some rest for the [mention the time] to recover completely.

I understand that my absence from work during this time could have caused a halt in the workflow and disrupted the tasks being carried off on the ongoing projects. However, I want to share with you that I care about my duties and responsibilities.

Moreover, I instantly reported my sickness to the supervisor who has been supervising my projects and also working as acting project manager these days. With his help and guidance, I made sure to delegate my tasks to the other employees who could bear the burden of my extra work. During that time, I remained in contact with other colleagues to know more about the progress of the ongoing projects and guided them with every bit of work under my responsibilities.

I have attached a letter of recommendation in which my physician prescribed me to take a rest for [mention the time] to substantiate my explanation for the unauthorized leave from work. I can provide additional documentation to prove my problem if needed.

I am delighted to share with you that I have completed the prescribed time of rest. I also have made a recent visit to the doctor who has allowed me to get back to work as I have completely recovered now. I do not feel the need to work from home as I do not feel productive while working from home, therefore, I have decided to resume my work in the office from today.

I am thankful to you for the kind support that you showed by understanding my situation. I am also very impressed by the company’s policies that provided me with free medical treatment and other requisites. The company’s policy of medical insurance is very comprehensive and has been crafted by keeping in mind every tiny detail.

Please let me know if I need to do any additional formalities while returning back to the office. Also, let me know if there is any task or assignment that needs my immediate attention and focus. I apologize for my absence and the inconvenience caused again. I am looking forward to hearing from you. I am very excited to get back and resume my work with your cooperation and support. Thank you!


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Letter Explaining Absence from Work

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