2nd Reminder Letter for Payment

While we are running our business, we face so many hurdles and difficulties and one of the biggest difficulties is dealing with clients who don’t pay on time. Professionally handling such people and situations is very difficult because one has to show patience for an indefinite amount of time.

We write reminder letters when we have not received an overdue payment from the client, we assume that the client must have forgotten to pay. Therefore, we write them a letter to remind them of the payment that has been due on their side.

What is a 2nd reminder letter for payment?

When we come to know that the first reminder letter did not work and we failed to hear from the client, we decide to write a 2nd reminder letter. This letter is usually written two weeks after the first letter. It also refers to the first letter to let the client know that you have been showing a lot of patience.

Is a second reminder letter for payment helpful?

Many people reported that they succeeded in promoting the client to pay the overdue money after they had written the first letter. The second letter is usually more brief and people also prefer making the client aware of the consequences of ignoring this letter and not making the overdue payment.

How to write?

Be polite:

You must be disturbed because you are not receiving the payment you were supposed to receive a long time ago. You are still required to remain polite and calm while you are addressing the client to show that you respect your clients.

Give them a deadline:

You can never put yourself on a long wait by asking the client to pay you but not telling till when. Give him a deadline by which you want to receive the money.

Discuss consequences:

Sometimes, a client does not pay the overdue amount unless he is informed about the consequences of not paying on time. Therefore, discuss what you can do to recover the payment that you are unable to receive despite showing a lot of patience and politeness.

Address your expectations:

Sometimes, addressing your expectations from customers also works because it makes them feel that they are disappointing you with their non-seriousness.

Offer your assistance:

If you believe that the client is unable to clear the due payment due to some financial crisis, you can offer your help by providing him various options of paying in small and multiple installments. You should provide this option only when it suits your business.

Read the sample letter given below to determine how you can write a professional and practical second reminder letter:

Sample letter:

Subject: Second payment reminder letter – Invoice [mention the invoice number]

Respected Mr. ABC,

I am writing this letter to remind you of the outstanding payment against the purchase of the LED TV from our company that you were supposed to pay on 25 April 2039. We have recalled you about the payment on 1st May 2039. However, as of today’s date, we have not received the payment from your side.

We understand that sometimes, unexpected things happen to us that become the cause of delay in payment from our side. But, your silence and not replying are drawing concerns. Therefore, we are compelled to write another reminder letter to prompt you to pay us the outstanding dues. 

We always try to provide our services on time and try to build trust. Therefore, we expect the same from our valued customers also. Considering this, we request you clear the dues of [mention the amount] by 30th May 2039. Please find the new invoice attached to this letter.

We will have to take strict action against you if we do not receive the payment by the deadline mentioned above. If you are feeling any kind of difficulty in making the payment, please contact us. We can resolve the issue with cooperation. We value you as a customer and would like to see cooperation from your side.


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2nd Reminder Letter for Payment

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