Authorization Letter to Claim Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is an identification document that is issued to a person at the time of his birth. It is a primary identification document based on which other identity documents are prepared.

Since a birth certificate is a critical document, no one should be able to access it except for the one who it belongs to. However, we encounter many such problems when we are unable to visit the authorities personally and claim the birth certificate. In this case, we will have to depend on someone who can do it for us.

What to include in the authorization letter claim for birth evidence documents?

To write a professional and complete authorization letter, you need to read the following guidelines:

Mention your’s and the authorized person’s name:

Mention your name and also the full name of the person who you are giving the authority to act on your behalf. These details can be followed by the id card numbers of both persons because they are helpful for uniquely identifying the persons.

State the reason for writing:

The reader might want to know what has caused you to transfer your authority to someone for claiming a critical document like a birth certificate. Give a reason and make sure that your reason makes sense to the reader. For instance, if you are physically unable to come and sign at various places to make a claim, make sure that you have a genuine reason for not being able to make it. 

Give authorization:

Mention the things the authorized person can do to claim the birth certificate. Although you don’t need to mention when you are going to revoke the authorization, you can do it to prove that you are aware of the legal matters.

Make a request:

Ask the reader to show cooperation and support you by letting the authorized person perform the task mentioned in the birth certificate. You should also make a formal request for the issuance of the birth certificate on your request through the person you are sending on your behalf. Also, provide your contact details for answering questions.

Here is a sample letter that can be read to comprehend how professional and coherent letters of authorization are written:

Sample letter

Subject: Authorization letter to claim for birth certificate

Respected Mr. ABC,

I, [mention your name] authorize Mr. [mention the name of the person being permitted] to fill out the application form and claim for the re-issuance of my birth evidence.

I am writing this letter of authority due to the circumstances of I cannot present myself for the cause. I need the birth certificate to apply for the renewal of my passport. I cannot travel with an expired passport. Due to this, I have no other option but to transfer my authority to ________ [mention the name of the authorized person].

Please find the details of the authorized person below:


Contact details:__________

Your relationship with the subject:_________

Nationality of the subject:__________

I am granting all the rights to [NAME HERE] to visit the relevant place and make a claim for the issuance of a birth certificate.

Please find my identification documents including a copy of my driving license, passport, and id card.

The authorized person is allowed to sign all the documents on my behalf wherever my signatures are required. He will also pay the required fee and fulfill all the requirements of the institute to issue the birth certificate to me. It is my humble request to you to please release my birth certificate to the person who has applied on my behalf.

I appreciate the fact that you understand my situation and allow the permitted person to act on my behalf in my absence. If you require any other details, please don’t hesitate to make me a call at ________ [give your contact number].

Thank you so much for showing cooperation and attention to this request.

Yours sincerely,

Name of the sender

Authorization Letter to Claim Birth Certificate

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