Authorization Letter Template

You cannot be present everywhere at all times. Sometimes you have to give someone else the authority to act on your behalf when you are not able to act by yourself. This is called authorizing someone and the letter that grants the authority is called an authorization letter.

Authorization letters are used in different spheres for different purposes, for example; a person may be authorized by a parent to make medical decisions for his kid, or to manage legal affairs, to do regional bank transactions, to deal with property matters, etc. Because authorization letters are important, formal, and legal letters, they should be written with the utmost care.

In granting authorization there are three parties involved.

  • The first party/individual is the person who is granting the authorization.
  • The second party/individual is the person to whom the letter is addressed to consider the person who has been given the authority.
  • The third-party/individual is the person to whom the authority is given. He is also called a proxy.

It should be noted that an authorization letter is always written addressing the second party/person; however, the letter is handed over to the third party/person. The letter should be in business letter format. It should mention the authorities and restrictions of authorities that are granted. A finalized letter should properly be signed by the first party and attested by a witness or notary public.

The original copy of the authorization letter is to be handed over to the proxy. A duplicate, however, should be kept by the primary person himself. Here is an example template of an authorization letter that will help you understand the authorization letter format and style.

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Authorization letter template

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Authorization letter for bank



Mr. James
Branch Manager
Bank of London
Daniel Street,

Respected Sir,

This letter is to authorize Mr. John ID# 00110-12-12345: resident of Greenwich Town London to access my bank account on my behalf. My current account number is 123456. I need to travel most of the time out of town and because of this, there is a problem with payment in my office. Therefore, I am giving the authority to Mr. John to access my account on my behalf.

I request you to transfer my account in his name and allow him to withdraw money from my account. Also, please clear the cheque signed by him on my behalf.

If there is any form or formality that I need to do please let me know. You can contact me at 123-456-7890.

This authorization is valid until further written notice.

Robert Smith.



Mr. Jones Adam
Branch Manager.
Bank of London,
Daniel Street,

Respected Sir,

I (Robert Smith) being the owner of saving account #768565 in your bank since 2001 authorize Mr. Kean Williams (resident of Greenwich Town London bearing ID# 453-6785-6754) to act in all matters necessary on my behalf and handle banking deposits and withdrawals from this saving account in my name. I assure you of my full consent about this authorization.

As I will be abroad because of an emergency I will not be in a position to make required signatures when necessary. If at any time you have any questions or need any clarification or verification please contact me on my mail address [email protected]

This authorization is valid until further written notice.


Robert Smith.

Authorization letter for car

John David

Contact: 00253-55-1212

Email: [email protected]

Respected Sir,

I John David (residing at 54 International Society Park Norway, MT 12345). Do hereby consent to allow Mr. Andrew Williams (resident of 23-crossword Road Norway) to drive my Black 2017, BMW, Model 523, having license plate DHA-3240, registered in Japan and insured by EFC Insurance Company under policy number 25672.

If you have any queries concerning this matter, please contact me using the information provided above.


John David.

Authorization Letter for Entry

16th January, 20XX

The Manager

Atlas Group of Companies
34- White Bridge Road

Dear Sir,


 I am William James, I am writing this letter to request an entry pass for your establishment. This is due to the reason that I want to check the financial reports and Income Tax details of your company for auditing.

I would like to enter your establishment on 20th January 20XX.

Rest assured that I will leave my ID at the guard upon entering. I hope for your kindness and consideration. Thank you.

Respectfully yours.

William James.

Authorization letter to collect bank statement

Henry James,

57, New College Road
Australia -BB123
Contact: 0023-437-7621


The Manager
UDBL Bank Ltd.
Australia 2345D

Subject: Authorization to collect my Bank Statement

Respected Sir,

I Henry James have a Saving Account (3/3425SBZ) in your bank. I want to collect my monthly bank statement for my perusal. I am not in a physical condition to come to the bank office and collect the same in person. Therefore, I hereby authorize my wife Mrs. Anne James to apply for my monthly bank statement and collect it on my behalf.

I don’t have any objection to my wife signing the documents on my behalf in my absence. I would appreciate your help in this regard. You can contact me on the above number if the need arises.

Sincerely yours,

Henry James.                                             

Authorization letter to collect checkbook

George David,
78- Brookfield Road
543- England.
Contact: 0023-123-5678

Date: 16th January 20XX

Mr. Fredrick

Branch Manager
45- Eastbay England

Dear Sir,

I (George David) hereby authorize (Mr. John Smith) to receive and collect the checkbook that was issued on 1st January 20XX against my bank account #12345678.

Details of Mr. John Smith and proof of his identity are listed below. I kindly ask you to cross-check this information at the time of collection.

John Smith
Passport # 0897689543T
ID # 1234-879-78969

Authorization letter for collection of certificates

James Thomson
309-2BH White Palace Road
Contact: 0091-456-78-6754
Email: [email protected]

Date: 16th January, 20XX.

Subject: Authority letter for collection of certificates

Dear Sir,

I am (James Thomson) who graduated in 20XX under registration # 234590 from your University. I wish to collect my mark sheet and degree of BBA. 

However, I cannot be physically present to collect these documents. I would like to authorize Mr. Bridge Thomson bearing CNIC# 0011-123-3478 to collect the documents on my behalf.

 I, therefore, request you to please allow for handing over the above-mentioned documents to the person I authorize.

I also take full responsibility for any loss or damage.


James Thomson.