Application for Salary Release

The employee is entitled to a salary set in his contract. It is the employer’s responsibility to issue the salary on time; however, sometimes the salary is not received by the employee, and he has to make a formal request to his employer for the release of his salary.

This application is usually addressed to the Human Resources department or the Finance department (depending on which department is responsible for the release of the salary in an organization), in which the employee requests that the concerned department credit his salary.

The application or letter for salary release is usually written by the employee. In these cases,

  • If the employee’s salary is due and the employer has not made the payment,
  • If the employee has received less salary than stated in the contract,
  • If an employee has received an increment or bonus but the released salary was either less or because of the increment, the salary release got delayed due to the additional documentation of that increment.

The general format for writing this application includes details such as:

  • Date
  • Details of the employee
  • Details of the authorized person
  • Subject
  • Problem details
  • Request for the release of salary

When writing this application or letter, an employee should consider many factors. The following tips may help in making the application an effective one:

  • The application should be addressed to the right person—the one who is in charge of the salary release—to avoid any further delays.
  • It should be concise.
  • The subject should be direct and clear.
  • The chosen words should be formal, professional, and polite.
  • The application should not be informal.
  • Make sure the details provided are correct.
  • Convey the problem.
  • The monetary difficulty due to the non-release of salary shall be mentioned.
  • A request to credit the salary and for the tentative date of such a release can be made.
  • After the request, the ending should be polite and not indicate any kind of enforcement.
  • Check for any grammatical or other mistakes.

Although it is an employee’s right to receive the correct figure of the salary on time, the application or letter written should not be imposing, informal, or unprofessional.

Sample Application for Salary Release




Dear Mr. Dave,

This application is being written to bring to your attention that my salary for the last month, i.e., July 20XX, has not been credited to my account.

I have been working for the company for the past three years as a competent and hard-working employee. Based on my last year’s performance, I received an increment that is due to be started in July 20XX. When I did not receive my salary on time, I contacted the HR department informally and got to know that due to the added documentation required because of the increment my salary has been held. The HR department wanted to release the total salary figure with the increment.

I am a salaried person and the only earning hand in my family. My monthly expenses are dependent on my salary. I would like to request you investigate the matter and complete the documentation soon to release my salary on the earliest possible date.

Thank you in advance.


Kim Smith.


Application for Salary Release