Escalation Letters

What is an escalation letter?

An escalation letter is a process through which customer’s complaints or concerns are forwarded to the senior management team or the employees in charge of initiating the related process in an organization. These complaints/concern letters and emails are usually sent by customers to comment and complain about the quality of the goods and services provided to them.

For example, a customer who experienced misconduct at a store may write a formal email or letter to the store supervisor, complaining about the incident.

There may be different reasons the senior management of an organization may receive escalation letters/emails. The most common sender are the customers. The dissatisfactory purchase, the services provided to the customers while going through the process of the purchase or the quality of the goods and services are the most common reason for complaint.

There are a few customer expectations that organizations need to meet, especially those organizations that have been in business for a long period of time. To maintain loyal customers and create new customers, organizations need to analyze the demands of the customer’s and escalation letters are the best way for the organization to become aware of the complaints and concerns of customers.

Organizations working on projects together or organizations that are dealing with other businesses may receive escalation letters, back and forth. As not all organizations have the same working atmosphere, there may be clashes of opinions and arguments among the employees. To work out the differences escalation letters may be sent to senior management to discuss the concerns.

Below is a sample letter from one organization to another due to unfair business transactions:

Sample Escalation Letter

Dear Mr. ABC,

Our company ‘Company X’ has been working together with ‘Company Y’ for ‘ a number of years’ now and we have established a strong business relationship between both companies, with expenditure reaching $2 million per year on your products/services.

The price of the product has risen each year such as the recorded rise from $7 per unit to $10 in the year 2014 and then another price increase in 2017 to $15 per unit. The reason for the price increase, given by your team, has been due to the increase in the costs of productions and materials.

However, the price of the product has reached $17 in just one year and we believe this might be the result of the increase in the ‘Company Y’s’ profits. This concern was confirmed by the purchasing manager of your company at our last meeting.

We at ‘Company X’ believe in maintaining a trustful business relationship for the long term, and in treating our counterparts with the utmost respect. At this point in our long-term business dealing, I don’t feel that ‘Company Y’ has been dealing with the business transactions between our companies with respect, which has become equivalent to $12 million during the last 6 years, making ‘Company X our preferred supplier of the ‘Product Name’ in that time. We expect to receive a statement from you by ‘Deadline’ listing the reasons for the last price increment and why you believe this has been a fair deal.


Escalation letter sample

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