Application for Loss of College Identity Card

An identity card of a student in an educational institute is a very important asset that describes the association of a student with the institute. When a person gets enrolled in a college, he/she is issued an identity card. This card is used for many purposes and therefore, students are required to keep it with them all the time. Students also face many problems when they lose their cards and due to this, they try to get another one as soon as possible. 

What is an application for the loss of a college identity card?

It is a formal application/request that a student has to write to the relevant department of the college to let the reader know about the lost card. This application plays a major role in making a student get another card successfully because it is always the first step to inform people about the lost card. 

When should you write this application?

The application for the lost id card is written to the administration department because only the administration department can issue the new id card. You should write this application as soon as you come to know that the id card has been lost. You should first confirm that it is not with any of your friends. When you are sure that it is gone, you can report it to the concerned department. 

How to write the application for a lost id card?

Writing an application requires you to be very careful so that it can serve its purpose. Read the tips given below and see how this application can be very helpful for you to get the id card. 

Give your introduction:

The admin office will need your details to look into the matter. So, always start your application by mentioning your name, roll number, name of the department in which you study, year of enrolment, etc. 

Describe how you lost it:

Although a student doesn’t need to explain the entire situation in which the card has been lost, explaining where you have lost it can often help the administration of the college to recover the identity card. If you have decided to explain how you lost the card, do it precisely.

Mention the day when you last saw your card, the name of the place where you lost it, and some other details. You should not describe it in such a way that the reader can feel that you are irresponsible and cannot take care of his belongings. Make sure that you successfully show the concern to the relevant department about the loss of the card. 

Request for a new card:

After you have shown concern, you should simply make a request to the reader to issue you a new ID card. This is an important part of the application because the whole purpose of writing this application was to request to get a new card. Since the relevant department wants to know why you need a new card, you first describe that you lost it, how you lost it and then you request a new card. 

Show thankfulness:

Since you have made a request to the reader, it is very important to show gratitude in advance for issuing you a new card. 

Things to remember:

Remember that there are lots of things you will not be able to do because of losing your ID card. For example, you will not be able to appear in the exam if you don’t have your ID card with you since the exam department issues the admit card after seeing the ID card. Students also need these identity cards when they have to prove that they are a part of the college and therefore, they are required to show the ID card.

Considering the importance of an identity card, students need to apply for a new one as soon as they realize that they have lost the old one. For this purpose, they write an application for loss of identity card. After reading this letter, the college can inform the student about the entire process following which a new card can be obtained. 

Sample Applications


With due respect, this is stated that I am a student in 11th grade at Manchester College of Science and my student id is 1234. Yesterday I was at the college’s annual awards ceremony when I lost my college identity card. Due to ongoing security issues, it is important to have an id card. I faced great difficulty in entering college today. I called the department’s office to permit security guards to let me in. This application is to request a duplicate card. Your cooperation will be highly regarded.


This application is to let you know about the loss of my id card. I was at a conference yesterday where I lost it. After the conference was over I searched for it in the hall but I could not find it. The security was not allowing me to attend college today due to not having the card. I request you humbly to please ask the administration to issue me another card. Our final exams are starting next week and without a card, I will not be allowed to enter in college premises. I request you to please do something immediately in this regard. I would be thankful to you for this favor.


I am Peter Slim, a student in 12th grade, and writing this application to inform you that my ID card has been lost. I was on my way home yesterday when there happened an unusual incident. The snatchers stopped my bike and snatched my wallet and mobile phone. I had my college identity card in that wallet. I was not allowed to enter college today due to not having my id card. Therefore, I request you to please issue me a new id card to avoid any inconvenience. I would be very thankful to you for cooperating with me.

Application for Loss of College Identity Card

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