Apology Letter for Missed Deadline

Missing deadlines is a very common problem in our life no matter which walks of life we belong to. However, when we miss a deadline, we make other people feel that we don’t value time and we are careless. If you are also fearful that another person might be thinking the same about you, but you have a genuine reason for doing this, you can write a letter and say sorry for missing the deadline.

For some people, writing an apology letter is not essential as they believe that the lost time cannot be recovered. However, in many situations, writing an apology letter allows you to avail yourself of another chance. For instance, if you have not submitted your assignment before the deadline, you can apologize with the hope that the teacher will give you some more time to submit the assignment.

Writing this letter also enables a person to explain why he missed the deadline and what was the reason behind it. This way, he can try to erase the wrong perception the other person is building for him.

Important points for regret about missing the deadline:

  1. Never apologize without giving a reason for missing the deadline as many times, a person wants to know the reason.
  2. Make sure that you are ready for the next deadline, and you are not likely to miss it in the future.
  3. Keep the letter brief and concise so that the reader understands your letter.

Sample letter 1:

Subject: Apology for missing the deadline for the project [X]

Respected sir,

I am ABC, a student of MS software engineering, third semester. Last week, you assigned our class an assignment that every student in the class was supposed to submit by 30th August. However, I could not submit the assignment by this deadline.

Last week, my mother was not feeling well, and I was with her in the hospital. I needed to take care of her and could not find time to work on the assignment. The exact date of submission also slipped from my mind. Please accept my apologies for missing the deadline.

I am feeling regret for not submitting the work in time. I have never done that before. You can check my track record. I have always been a very responsible student and missing the deadline was not out of negligence or carelessness.

It is my humble request to you to please accept my apologies and extend the deadline for submission of the assignment. I will be highly obliged.


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Subject: Apology for missing the deadline on [X]

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to apologize for missing out on the deadline for submitting the project to the company. I take full responsibility for my mistake as I know that my calculations of time left for completing the project went wrong. I did not know that the deadline will draw closer too soon and my work will not be completed by then.

I was giving my undivided attention to my project as I wanted to give my best in addition to submitting the project on time. I am attaching the file of the project also with this letter so that you can see that my project was making rapid progress.

I never wanted to miss the deadline as I have always been very passionate and conscious about submitting my work on time. However, this time I made a mistake, and I completely embraced it. Please accept my apology this time as I assure you that this will not happen again.

It is my humble request to you to please extend the deadline by a week so that I can complete the project and submit it to you. I hope that you will understand my situation and give me another chance to correct my situation. I hope to get a quick response from your side.