Accommodation Request Letter to HR

Some companies provide accommodation facilities to certain employees. Accommodation can be expensive and if a company is offering this, the employee will want to take advantage of it.

An employee may be someone who needs to travel from far-off places to come to work. A company that cannot afford to give accommodation to employees will not hire these types of employees who need to travel from far. If an employee needs accommodation, they can politely request this from the human resource department. They can do this in the form of a request letter to HR.

You should be straightforward in the letter and include only the important points. Avoid adding any unnecessary details in it as the reader will not have time to read this.

The letter must be written in a professional and formal way so that the HR department can take your request seriously. You should read it carefully before sending it to make sure that it is free from spelling and grammar errors.

You need to make a formal and polite request for accommodation so that the HR department will provide it to you. The reader must immediately know what the letter is all about. They should know details about the employee like what their name is, their post, the name of the department they are working in, etc.

Give clear and solid reasons for why you require accommodation and make the request letter convincing so that the reader can take you seriously.

This is a business request letter that an employee writes to HR so that he/she knows about his/her issues and need for accommodation. The employee will be requesting that HR provide them with accommodation by stating the reasons for this.

Writing a professional letter

If you have to write the accommodation request letter to HR, you should keep it concise and write it in a professional tone:

Introduce yourself:

Start the letter by telling me who you are. You will state details like your name, designation in the company, department that you work in, etc. The HR department needs to know who you are so that they can figure out whether you qualify for accommodation.

Formal request:

You need to make a formal accommodation request. You should do this simply and straightforwardly. If the company has any policy which provides staff members with accommodation, state this policy in the request letter. You should give the reasons why you need accommodation. The request will be approved according to the reasons that you give. You need to provide concrete and valid reasons.

Close off professionally:

End the letter with the request to respond as well as your contact details so that the HR department can contact you.

Sample letter 1:

Subject: Request for company accommodation due to [X]

Dear Mr. ABC,

I am (state your name) working in the (name of department) department of this company as a (tell your post). I have been working in this company for (state how many years).

Recently, I have moved to a new house which is rather far from the office. Therefore, I am finding it tough commuting daily from home to the office and then back. I cannot afford the present accommodation options close to the office.

I am writing this letter to formally request you to give me some accommodation because it is the policy of a company to aid employees who cannot find a suitable place to stay. I will be able to reach the office conveniently like this.

I shall be grateful if you help me out. If there is any question, you can contact me.


Subject: Letter Asking for Company Accommodation due to [X]

Respected Mr. ABC,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter to let you know that I have recently joined this company and I am satisfied with the environment as well as the staff here. An issue that I am facing is that of accommodation because I stay far from the office. This is a major job opportunity that I do not wish to miss. (Tell the reasons for this).

I request you to kindly provide me with accommodation as it is tough for me to reside in hostels.

I will be very thankful if you can provide me with accommodation and am looking forward to a response. Thank you.