Apology Letter for Improper Action against Employee

There are many issues that employees can face. Some of these are valid whilst there may be an incidence when an employee gets wrongly blamed. When this happens, action may be taken against them which is wrong. For this, the employer or human resource team will need to apologize to the employee. They can formally do this with the help of an apology letter for improper employee action.

The letter will be formal and professional showing that the employer is sorry for wrongly blaming the employee. The employer needs to make the employee feel that they are sorry. The letter will be an apology one whereby the employer admits his/her mistake. It should be a sincere and well-worded apology that is coupled with some action. This can help mend relationships with employees.

The employer can state why they took the action and why they made a mistake doing so. When writing the letter, it is important to proofread it carefully to check if there are any spelling and grammar errors.

These should not be present or else the letter will be taken carelessly. The letter must be typed and not written by hand. It should have a formal layout. You can print it on the company’s letterhead. Do not add any unnecessary details in the letter and get right to the point. The employee must know what it is about after immediately looking at it. Show your professionalism when writing the letter.

What is an apology letter for improper action against an employee?

It is a professional letter that an employer or human resource manager writes to an employee stating that they are sorry for taking improper action against them. Different workplaces have different ways to apologize but it is important to do this if good relations are to be kept with employees. The letter will allow the employee to see that the employer is sorry for wrongly taking action against them.

If you want the apology letter to be sincere, you can keep in mind the following points when writing it:

Get to the point:

You should immediately start by apologizing to the employee and letting them know that you were wrong. It is important to avoid adding any unnecessary details.

Give details of the wrong action and what steps will be taken to fix this:

Let the reader know where you have wronged them. Also, state what actions you will take to fix the problem.

End by showing you are sincere with the apology:

You can end by showing the reader that you will avoid doing this in the future.

Sample letter 1:

Subject: Apology for improper action on [X]

Dear Mr. ABC,

I am writing this letter to formally apologize for the improper action I (your name) took against you on (give date and time). I know this was embarrassing for you and it is unacceptable but I did not have the complete details of the incident therefore I wrongly blamed you.

This will not happen again and the company will reinstate you back to your position. We will pay you for the inconvenience that we caused you due to this action.

It is very important that all employees are happy and work together to help this business out. Please accept my sincere apology.


Subject: Apology for improper action taken on [X]

Dear Mr. ABC,

I apologize for the improper action that I took against you on (date). It was wrong for me to suspend you from the office without having complete details of the incident that took place. After finding out more about this, I felt I was wrong to blame you.

The company will pay for any loss that you have incurred and hope that you will come and work for us again. This unfortunate event will not happen again.

We hope that you accept this apology. Thank you for understanding!

Apology Letter for Improper Action against Employee

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