Absence Excuse Letter for Not Attending School Camp

Subject: Excuse for Absence from School Camp

Dear Mr. Mezo, I received your notification about the school camp for digital and soft skill programs in which the school will teach selected students digital marketing trends and workspace and soft skills enhancement. Although I am very excited to join the school camp, I am afraid I will not be in the [name the town] to attend the camp.

I belong to [name another country/state] and have been living here for my studies. Due to a lockdown previously, I could not visit my family for more than eight months. The flights were strictly strained with the people who were in an emergency. Therefore, I am suffering from homesickness and want to fly back and spend these days with my family.

I understand that personal growth and grooming of skills are pivotal to working in today’s world. I am glad that I was selected by the school committee for the camp. I am greatly thankful to my teachers and other members of this venture who enabled me to work hard and secure my seat in such prestigious workshops and school camps.

Despite the given situation, I would like to attend any online program for skill development. I request you to please consider me for an online program. It would be feasible for me to attend the classes from home.

I close my letter by saying thanks for considering me for the program. If there is an online workshop that I can attend from home, please let me know by sending an email to [email address]. Thank you.


[School name]

Excuse Letter for Not Attending School Camp

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Re. Excuse Letter for Not Being Able to Attend School Summer Camp

Dear Management Team,

I am [Name], [Name]’s mother. [Name] is a student in your school in grade [x]. On [date], we submitted an application to the school Directorate of Advanced Studies and Skill Development [DSASD] to enroll my son in the school summer camp for his skills development.

Due to lockdowns in previous years, students suffered a lot. Caged in their houses and scarcity of opportunities made them underconfident, indolent, and unaspiring. Therefore, I want to go the extra mile to make up that gap. For this, I submitted an application to the concerned officials to have my son among the school camp participants.

I regret my son will not be able to attend the school camp. I, with my husband, am taking him to a hill station for two weeks for vacation. During this time, we plan to focus on family and aspire to spend time together. Sometimes it is more important to take a break than to work continually. Breaks can be productive and creative for your work and one can achieve better results. You can refill the reserved space for another candidate for the school camp.

I am grateful to you for your kind consideration of my application. I will make sure that my son participates in such activities in the future.



Excuse Letter for Not Attending School Camp

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