Yankee Swap Invitation Messages


How are you dear? I hope you’ll be doing great. It’s been a long time we’ve seen each other. I miss the last time we all had fun together. Those were the moments we cherish. So, I have scheduled a Yankee swap party at my place. I am sure we will enjoy this party together and make some beautiful retentions on this Christmas. That’s why I am glad to invite you to swap the gift with other friends. I have also arranged some refreshments to make the party more fun and enjoyable. I hope you will be there with the gift not more than worth $10. I will wait for you. Take care. Have a fantastic Christmas!


Hi, I hope everything is going well. I am writing this to invite you to the party with the theme Yankee swap at my home. This game was fun last time, too. So, I decided to invite all the friends and family members for some greater memorable moments to share. Christmas is all about having wonderful moments, exchanging gifts and parties!  It would be a wonderful time if you would come. Your arrival is always delightful to me and my family. I hope you will enjoy swapping the gift worth less than $10. Stay safe, stay healthy. Merry Christmas!


Hello, hope your life is going great. As we have shared so many amusing moments together I am inviting you to a Yankee swap party. You know Christmas is near and I wanted all of us to gather. All the other friends are also coming. So it would be a type of reunion, too. Together we will relish amazing time and swapping gifts will be more entertaining. I hope you will accept my invitation wholeheartedly and bring the gift worth $10 maximum. Your presence means a lot to me. Keep smiling and Merry Christmas!


How are you? I hope you will be fine and healthy. As Christmas is approaching, I was thinking to make it more special by arranging a Yankee swap party at my place. Yankee swap has always been entertaining- give, open and steal. O what fun it will be! Gift exchanging parties is always pleasurable. With you, at this party, my amusement will be doubled. I will be preparing some delicious food as well. I hope you will arrive with a gift worth $10 maximum. I will be waiting for you! Have a wonderful Christmas day. Merry Christmas!


Hello, I hope everything is going fine. We have not met for a long time. Christmas is almost here. Every year it returns with unlimited joy. To make this event memorable I have planned the Yankee swap party at my place. How entertaining it would be with exchanging gifts! Life is too busy nowadays. Holidays are also approaching so it’s a great chance to have a party. Here we will rejoice our holidays with great merriments.  I am really looking forward to your arrival. And don’t forget to bring a gift worth a maximum of $10. Stay safe and keep smiling. Merry Christmas!

Yankee Swap Invitation Messages
Yankee Swap Invitation Messages