Warning Letter for Substandard Duty Performance

A good communication at the workplace keeps the environment much friendly. Likewise, it helps in a quick resolution or prevailing and present issues. Additionally, time-to-time communication with employees helps them in understanding the performance expectations and performance judgment criterion. Moreover, the boosted satisfaction level of employees makes them diligent and devoted to performing all the assigned tasks and duties. Hence, these all efforts contribute to the success of a workplace.

Sometimes, employees are found giving poor performance and failure on the achievement of the tasks and responsibilities is seen.  In such case, a warning letter is issued for substandard performance.

It can be issued in the different situations which are:

  1. When an employee fails to submit the weekly report on time.
  2. When an employee is unable to fulfill the assigned tasks and responsibilities.
  3. When an employee fails to submit the project report on the due date.
  4. When the employee fails to achieve the performance expectations.

Hence, there can be a variety of reasons that lead to substandard performances. The warning letter for poor or unsatisfactory performance is issued once the employee is found repeating the same mistake consecutively. This warning is being sent by the departmental manager.

The letter is concise and formal. This letter contains the details of the substandard performances. Additionally, the letter can also contain some suggestions on how to cope and improve the performance and fulfill the assigned tasks. The letter can also be served as the last warning depending on the nature of occurrences.

Sample Letters

What is your view that why an association appoints a person? What are the expectations of the corporation associated with that person? Of course, performance is the answer to the queries. A company would grasp the standing of success in case if each & every individual involved in it is playing his part well & exactly contrary happens is the case vice-versa.


Warning Letter for Substandard Duty PerformanceThe company has been observing your performance for the last some weeks and is disappointed by the poor performance you have been showing since then. You are seemed inattentive in meetings and stay late in submission of most of the assigned tasks. You were told the dos’ & don’ts very clearly while hiring you in the company. Poor performance is a big no for us. If you are willing to keep up working with us, then you must work otherwise to prove your worth once again.

You should stay focused and show a responsible attitude as we still believe in your capabilities and want to provide you with one more chance in this regard. But if you continue with the already existing routine of yours, you would categorically summon authoritarian actions in the form of one-month unpaid work or termination.


Warning Letter for Substandard Duty PerformanceAn organization makes progress only when its employees are very vigilant and diligent regarding their responsibilities as a union. They want their company to stand somewhere at higher ranks and work for that cause by putting all the possible exertions into it. On the same hand, a company can lose its reputation in the market if some negligence is shown by its irresponsible representatives.

You have stayed quite an active part of our organization but now things are moving in an opposite direction regarding your work pace. To be successful in life it is mandatory to stay balanced and constant. Success is not a matter of working hard for some days and then waiting for it to come to you all by itself. It must be earned until you breathe your last.

We want to inform you that if you want to stay a part of our corporation you must prove yourself. From now onwards you will be under observation by higher authorities and in the next week, you will be declared in or out depending on the quality of your performance.