Warning Letter for Policy Violations

Misuse of Company Resources

This letter serves as a warning against the misuse of company resources. It has come to our attention that you have been using the company car for personal errands. This is a direct violation of the company policy and must be stopped immediately.

We expect complete compliance with our policies. Further violations in the future will result in strict disciplinary action. You are, therefore, advised to go through the policy once again in order to understand the company’s rules and follow them accordingly.

Kindly contact HR in case of any queries.

Code of Conduct

We are writing this letter in order to address a matter of the utmost significance regarding our company’s violations. It has been reported to the management that you misbehaved with a fellow team member during the XYZ meeting on (date). By doing so, you have broken our code of conduct.

According to the company’s policy regarding the conduct of employees, it is mandatory for you to treat your colleagues with respect. In cases of disagreement, the matter should be resolved in an amicable way. This is important to maintain harmony in the workplace. On the other hand, discord and misbehavior lead to negative vibes and disrupt the workflow.

You are to avoid misconduct in the future. Additionally, you are required to send a written apology to your teammate in order to resume your cooperative work relationship.

We hope to see a positive change in your behavior in the future.

Safety Protocols

I am writing to address a serious concern regarding the violations of our company’s safety protocols by you. The matter requires urgent attention.

It has come to our attention that on (date) you went for a routine site inspection without your PPE. According to our safety guidelines, PPE is mandatory for all site visits. However, by neglecting this important precaution, you violated the company’s safety protocols.

Such negligence in the future will result in disciplinary action against you. Therefore, you are advised to observe all safety precautions during your future site visits.

Warning letter for company policy violation