Disciplinary Action Letter Samples

#1 Attendance Issues

This letter serves as a warning against your attendance issues at work. During the past two months, you have frequently taken leave without the approval of your supervisor. Your absenteeism has disrupted the workflow. It has also diminished your own efficiency at work.

You are only allowed two casual leave per month upon the approval of your supervisor. However, you have exceeded this number. Moreover, you have also exhibited insubordination and disregard your supervisor’s permission.

You are being placed on probation for two weeks. During this period, you must be regular and punctual at work. You will only be allowed to take a day off in case of a medical emergency. Failure to comply will result in strict disciplinary action with the possibility of termination.

Kindly maintain regularity at work and enhance your job efficiency. We hope to see an improvement soon.

#2 Performance Problems

We are writing to address an important concern regarding your performance at work. Your continued poor performance has been affecting the company’s overall progress. Despite our previous discussion and guidance for improvement, we have seen no significant results.

Your performance issues include low quality of work, failure to meet the expectations of clients, and poor contribution towards teamwork. These issues negatively affect the company’s overall productivity and reputation with clients.

In order to rectify the situation, the management is placing you in the company’s internship program for the next two months. The program is basically designed to train newcomers. The management feels you need to refresh your training and re-learn the skills required for efficient performance at work.

After a period of two months, your performance will be under observation. In case the management does not see a substantial improvement, you might face the possibility of termination. You are, therefore, advised to take the training session seriously and work hard to improve your performance.

#3 Insubordination

This is with reference to your behavior issues at work. You have displayed insubordination by overlooking the instructions of your supervisor during the XYZ project. While the company encourages employees to take initiative, the instructions given by your seniors should never be disregarded.

You are required to issue a written apology to your supervisor for your insubordination, with the assurance that this will not happen in the future. Send a copy of the apology letter to the HR office for record keeping.

Please make sure you always comply with your seniors in the future. Failure to do so may result in strict disciplinary action.

#4 Violation of Company Policies

We are writing this letter in order to address a concerning issue. It has been reported to the management that you have been in personal contact with John Doe who is one of our oldest clients. This violates the company policies since employees are not allowed to maintain any personal relationships with our clients.

You must maintain personal boundaries with our clients in order to avoid a conflict of interest. It may also affect the company’s reputation or create other complications.

As a result of this violation, the company is initiating a formal disciplinary action. You will issue a written apology to the management and provide assurance to comply with the company’s policies in the future. In addition, you will be monitored to ensure that you don’t violate the client-employee policies again.

Future non-compliance with the policies will result in stricter disciplinary action.

#5 Theft, Fraud, or Embezzlement

We are writing to address a serious matter that involves you. We received proof that you have been a part of embezzlement in the company.

On (date), the management discovered that you have been using company funds for personal use and producing fake receipts to charge the amount for the company’s account. This is a serious violation of the company’s policies as well as our trust.

As a result, you will be suspended from work for a period of two weeks. You are also required to return the entire amount that you took from the company’s funds. Failure to do so will result in legal action against you. Furthermore, any future instance of embezzlement will cause immediate job termination for you.

Kindly contact the HR for further details.

#6 Safety Violations

We are writing to address safety violations at work. It has come to our attention that you have been ignoring the safety protocols during your site visits. This not only violates our policies but also puts your safety at risk.

For your continuous violations, you are being fined an amount of [X]. The purpose of this disciplinary action is to discourage you as well as other employees from ignoring the safety protocols. Future violations will result in stricter action that may lead to your suspension or even termination from work.

We hope you take this matter seriously and avoid the issue in the future.

#7 Harassment or Discrimination

We are writing in response to complaints of harassment received against you. Proof from CCTV footage and eye-witness reports has confirmed your involvement in harassing one of the company’s internees.

This is a serious offense and the company has a zero tolerance policy for this behavior. Due to the gravity of the matter, you are being suspended for a period of a week from (date) to (date). During this period, you are advised to reflect on your behavior and its consequences. You are also required to write an official apology to the internee in question and send a copy to HR for record keeping.

We expect you to return to work with improvement in your behavior. Show respect and regard for all employees and refrain from harassment and discrimination. Another complaint in the future may result in your termination.

#8 Conflict of Interests

We are writing to address a serious issue regarding a conflict of interests that has just come to the notice of the management. Your ownership of shares in XYZ Company has raised concerns since the company in question is one of our competitors.

You are to immediately divest your shares if you wish to continue working with us. We are afraid we will have to terminate you if you fail to sell the said shares.

Kindly contact the HR for any queries. You are also advised to go through the company’s policies regarding potential conflicts of interest in order to avoid the issue in the future.

#9 Failure to Report Violations

This letter serves to address a concerning matter that involves your failure to report violations of the company policy among your team members.

As your team’s supervisor, it is your responsibility to report violations to the management promptly. It allows the authorities to provide solutions and present corrective measures in order to minimize the negative impact of the violations on the workflow.

However, you have been covering up for your team members. This has compelled the management to take disciplinary action. You are required to appear in a meeting before the disciplinary committee on (date) at 9 a.m. Further decisions will be taken after the meeting.

Kindly contact XYZ for any queries.

#10 Violation of Confidentiality

This is an official warning for compromising the confidentiality of some of the company’s sensitive information. It is a matter of serious concern. A disciplinary committee has been formed to evaluate the situation and make a decision about possible disciplinary action against you.

Till then, you are being suspended with effect from (date) till further notice. You may contact HR for further information.

#11 Poor Communication

The purpose of this letter is to address an issue related to your communication with colleagues and team members. You have failed to establish good communication which has led to disruption in the workflow. Your team projects also suffer due to this issue as there is a lack of coordination.

We would like to emphasize the importance of good communication for teamwork. You are, therefore, advised to bring an improvement to your professional relationship with your colleagues. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

Kindly contact your team leader for further guidance.

#12 Use of Company Resources for Personal Gain

We are writing to issue an official warning against your use of company resources for personal benefits. You have been using the company’s printer for personal use. Despite previous verbal warnings, you have continued to do so. The management is, therefore, putting you under observation.

Kindly refrain from using any of the company’s resources for personal gain. Failure to comply may result in strict disciplinary action.

#13 Ethical Violations

It has been reported to the management that you have been violating the company’s ethical code of conduct through inappropriate behavior with your colleagues. We are, therefore, putting you in the XYZ Disciplinary Program led by ABC in order to receive training and guidance regarding our ethical code of conduct.

You are advised to follow the code of conduct and bring an improvement in your behavior. Future complaints about your behavior will result in strict disciplinary action.

#14 Repeatedly Ignoring Feedback or Counselling

This letter serves as a final warning against your poor performance at work. You have constantly ignored the management’s feedback and counseling. As a result, there has been no significant improvement in your performance.

You are required to take the XYZ training once more. In addition, the management will monitor your progress over the next two months. In case you continue to repeat your mistakes and ignore our feedback, the company might consider termination of your job.

Kindly acknowledge the letter and send a reply by the earliest.

Disciplinary action letter for repeatedly ignoring feedback or counselling

#15 Failure to Meet Deadlines

This letter serves to address your constant failure to meet deadlines. Your inefficiency hinders the company’s overall progress. Consequently, the company has decided to put you on probation for a period of two months. During this time, your performance will be monitored. If you continued to miss deadlines, the management would be compelled to consider your termination from the job.

Kindly contact the HR Manager for your queries.