Video Production Proposal Letter

A video production proposal is a document submitted by a videographer or a video company intended to attract potential clients who may be interested in hiring the services of a professional video maker. Your potential or probable client will agree to purchase your services only if it feels that its requirements will be met according to their pre-defined terms and conditions.

Features of a video production proposal letter are:

Cover page: The cover page of your proposal must be eye-catching. Its very first look must make the reader say stunning as this would mark the first step towards the reader getting interested in reading the proposal any further.

Services: Next you must highlight the key services area that you are offering.

Procedure: After putting light on the services you must now move forward by throwing light on the procedure undertaken by you as a company for the fulfillment of the services required by you.

Price: The rate at which you intend to deliver your services must be mentioned.

Contract: A pre-written copy of a contract is attached so to make the client aware of all the terms and conditions before agreeing to take the proposal.

Payment: If your client agrees to hire your services then surely there would be payments made by them as per requirement.

The proposal is normally made through a letter known as the video production proposal letter by virtue of which you attract clients towards yourself.

Letter 1:

The ABC video-making company is proud to announce that from the next month we will be offering our services countrywide. With over 30 years of experience in videography, we intend to produce high-quality videos. ABC has always valued its customers’ needs and with an increase in demand for videography, we have equipped ourselves with the latest technological instruments for videography. At any time If you feel the need of watching your video coverage, footage of the same will be shown to you and any changes will be welcomed.

We will share details of your ongoing project with us and will assure you of total customer satisfaction. We have attached our price lists for different videos with the proposal so as to make it feasible for you to make an appropriate decision.

For any queries please feel free to contact our helpline number 111-222-333.

Letter 2:

With an increase in demand for videography, the XYZ video company has decided to provide its video services not only to the corporate world by also to the common people. We are proud to make the common people a part of our world by incorporating their world into ours through videography we intend to create memories.

We take full privilege in making things easier for our people who intend to capture moments. Your order is our command. You can contact us for weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties or any other function you believe must be made memorable.  We are here to cater to your needs.

Equipped with the latest technology and professional people, we will make your day. Looking forward to a positive reply.

For any queries please contact on the following numbers.