Proposal Letter from Recruitment Agency to Client

Recruitment agencies are those firms that work outside the company and help them in the process of recruitment. Employers generally ask them to find people who are the right fit for the position which is vacant in an organization. Their main job is to look at the applications that they receive from interested candidates. Then, they decide which candidate is most suitable.

The proposal letter is a formal letter in which a representative of a recruitment agency comes forward and offers the services that are offered by a recruitment firm. The purpose of this letter is to let the reader know about the existence of the firm in the industry and the kind of services it provides.

Some clients want to read the proposal because they are in search of such a firm. So, they ask for a proposal.

To write a convincing proposal letter, follow the tips given below:

Write a short letter: Your proposal letter should not be too long as the reader often does not like reading long letters.

Add a subject: Never forget to mention a subject because it gives an idea to the reader as to what he can expect to read in the letter.

Outline your services briefly: The reader generally wants to know what services you provide. Therefore, outline all of them one by one. Make sure that you outline them briefly

Below are two sample letters that you can read for a better understanding


Subject: Proposal for hiring services

ABC Company is a recruitment agency that has been providing its hiring services to its prestigious clients for 10 years. Our company is well-known for always succeeding in its hunt for the most suitable candidate for its clients. We are glad that you have chosen ABC Company for hiring services and we hope that you will never be disappointed by us.

ABC Company has the best team of professionals adept at measuring the capabilities of candidates based on their resumes and applications. We always try to find the most qualified candidate and experienced to meet the needs of the hiring organization. We feel pride in serving our clients with the best hiring services.

Our company conducts a thorough evaluation of the application and then uses a deeper insight to determine if the candidate is the right fit for the targeted post or not.

We will provide you with the best services as the satisfaction of our clients is our top priority. If you want to discuss some more aspects of your recruitment needs, feel free to contact us on our official numbers and email address.


Subject: Proposal for hiring services

Thank you so much for considering our recruitment firm to meet your recruitment needs. We take pride in winning your trust and being able to provide you with the best hiring services.

Our company is well-known in the industry for finding qualified and knowledgeable candidates for organizations. We always help our clients reach the most suitable candidate who can meet their needs.

Our main services include:

  1. Understanding the job position well and measuring its needs. 
  2. Going through hundreds of applications and evaluating them in order to be successful in a candidate hunt
  3. Making candidates prepare their resumes as per the requirements of the organization wanting to hire them

We have a long list of happy and satisfied clients who have never regretted choosing us to fulfill their requirements. Compared with all the firms in the industry, we provide the quickest services.

If you want to discuss our service charges and terms and conditions of working with us, feel free to reach us. Supporting our clients and answering their queries before they come up with the final decision is our top priority. Thank you once again for choosing our agency.