Undertaking Letter for Company


I, Jane Doe, an employee of XYZ Company, hereby acknowledge and undertake to comply with the terms and conditions of the company’s Non-Disclosure Agreement signed on (date).

The agreement binds me to protect the company’s confidential data and information, such as customer data, trade secrets, and product designs. I pledge to maintain the utmost confidentiality. I will only use this information for job-related purposes at XYZ. I understand that any breach of the agreement may result in legal action. I also understand that this breach may lead to the termination of my job.

I commit to following all the terms and conditions of the agreement.


I, XYZ, hereby acknowledge and undertake to adhere to health and safety regulations and protocols at the workplace.

I will strictly follow safety procedures and use personal protective equipment while working in the field. I will report any safety hazard incidents or violations promptly to the appropriate authorities within our organization.

I fully understand that neglecting health and safety protocols may result in accidents or injuries that jeopardize the safety of our workforce. In case I overlook the safety procedures and sustain injuries during my job, I shall take full responsibility and shall not hold the company accountable. 

I am committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and myself by following the company’s health and safety regulations.


I hereby undertake to abide by the company’s revised Code of Conduct and Ethics policies, effective November 1, 2031.

I will follow the company’s code of conduct and work ethics. I will not engage in any behavior that violates our Code of Conduct, such as gender discrimination, conflicts of interest, harassment, or any other unethical practices.

I am aware that any breach of this Code of Conduct and Ethics may result in disciplinary actions, including my termination from the job. I also understand that in more serious situations, the company may take legal action if I break the code.


I, XYZ, hereby present my formal undertaking to comply with the company’s data protection and privacy policies.

I will protect the personal and sensitive data of our clients as well as employees. I will take the utmost care during the handling and processing of this data according to the data protection policies of our company.

I understand that any unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse of this data may result in legal issues and may also damage the reputation of our company. I am, therefore, committed to maintaining the highest standards of data protection during my job at the organization.


I am writing this letter as my official undertaking to protect the company’s intellectual property rights. These include trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets.

I will not engage in any activity that may compromise the company’s intellectual property rights. In case of my negligence, I will be accountable and will face the consequences in the form of strict disciplinary action.

I am committed to protecting the company’s intellectual property rights. All valuable information will be safe under my care.

Undertaking Letter for Company