Secret Santa Game Emails


Hi sweet fellow, how are you? I am arranging a Christmas party at my home. Here I have decided on the Secret Santa games. As you all know well it is the gift exchange party. So, I want you to come to my party and enjoy the Secret Santa game. We will play the left and right Santa game. Try to come up with a suitable gift for whom you want to present. If possible, create your own story or we can choose from white elephant rules. I hope you will, your creativity and we will have fun during the event.


Hi dear. I hope you are doing well. Christmas is here and I want we should enjoy it together. For this reason, I have invited all my old university fellows to be a part of the party. On this auspicious occasion, I want to have fun and gather memories. For this purpose, I am preparing some different but tasty food and arranging the Secret Santa game.

I am arranging a Santa casino table. Some gifts will be put on a table while others can be won through a jackpot. You can bring a gift of $10 for a table or a $5 gift for a jackpot hat. The choice is yours. I just want you to come and we will have a great evening.


Hello, my dear friend. Where have you been so long? No contact for a long time? I am anxious to meet you. I have arranged a Christmas party at my place. I do want you to come here and enjoy the Secret Santa game that I am arranging at my place. We will play the pass the gift game or white elephant game. You can choose. Along with I am going to bake a turkey and serve hot cocoa a perfect combination for these chilled nights. I hope you don’t deny it and come on time. Waiting for your reply. See you soon.


Hello. How are you? I have heard that you are back in the country for the holidays. Then make a promise to me that you will spend this Christmas at my home. We will be having a lot of fun. I have arranged a hot potato and a special Secret Santa game for this party. I want to memorize our childhood memories. I still remember how we cherished together each Christmas and exchanged wonderful gifts with each other. I do want to enjoy it in the same way as in our childhood. Come and we will have a lot of fun.


Hi dear, how are you? Dear, I am sending you this email as an invitation to a white elephant party at my home. Here I am arranging a Secret Santa game. You have to come with a gift of $10 or of worth you think is suitable. We will exchange it through the voting system. You will enjoy it as there are different games like Santa Casino, white elephant, hot potato and much more. Come and join us to have fun.


Secret Santa Game Emails
Secret Santa Game Emails