Tender Recommendation Letter

What is a tender recommendation letter?

A tender recommendation letter, just like other recommendation letters is written to the owner of the company who is responsible for accepting or rejecting the bids. If there is a bid submitted by the bidder who you think is capable of working according to the needs of the company, you can recommend the company to accept the bid submitted by that bidder by writing the tender recommendation letter.

What is the purpose of writing the tender recommendation letter?

The basic objective behind writing the tender recommendation letter is to give a suggestion to the company about which bid to accept. A company receives the bids of many bidders and choosing the bid is a very important decision a company has to make. The recommendation letter helps a company in making the decision.

How to write the tender recommendation letter?

Writing the tender recommendation letter is not much easy. It requires a lot of research to conduct in order to determine which bid a company should accept. People who don’t know how to write the tender recommendation letter appropriately often make mistakes in the letter. They don’t include all the required details in the letter despite conducting thorough research. Therefore, knowing what to add to the tender recommendation letter is important information. Following are some basic guidelines to follow for writing the recommendation letter for tender:

  1. Start the letter by letting the recipient know that you have evaluated all the bids the company has received for the project. You can add the description of the project as necessary
  2.  In order to be more comprehensive, you can mention the list of bids with the details. The names of bidders can also be mentioned in the sequence of the highest bid to the lowest bid. 
  3. Mention the name of the bidder you are recommending to the company. Also, explain why you are recommending that particular bidder. You can also tell that on what basis you decided to recommend the particular bidder. Mention the key traits of the bidder you think is worth your recommendation.

Sample Letters

Letter -1

Dear Mr. Peter,

I am writing this tender recommendation letter to recommend ABC Limited for your new project [X] of tender notice [X], posted on 8th July 2020.

My company, [X] Limited has been working with ABC limited for the past six years. During this time, ABC has never disappointed us in terms of quality products and timely delivery. In addition, their customer service is unmatchable, which is why we have renewed our contract with them for three times up till now, and plan to continue our relationship with them in the future as well.

We highly recommend ABC for your new project, and we believe that they will serve you in the best manner possible. If you need any verifications or further reviews, you can any time contact at [X].


Josephine Steven.

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Letter -2

Dear Ms. Sophia,

This is a tender recommendation letter for ABC Limited. ABC has applied against your tender notice [X], posted on 9th August 2020, to supply you with their high-quality office supplies.

ABC is a company, having an expert and experienced team, which is dedicated and hardworking as well. The employees, from the production department to the customer service department, put in all their efforts to fulfill your requirements and satisfy you as a customer. We can assure this, based on our long-term relationship with ABC, during which we have never experienced any issues with it.

We highly recommend ABC as your new vendor for office supplies. We ascertain that you cannot get such good quality as ABC’s products’ quality at this reasonable price. Our market analysis revealed that none of the competitors in the market are offering this high quality at ABC’s price.

We are here to provide any further references as well. Let us know if you need any other information on [X].


Josh William.

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