Tender Acknowledgment Letters

What is a tender acknowledgment letter?

The tender acknowledgment letter is a formal document with the acknowledgment by the supplier after receiving the request letter for tender. This type of acknowledgment letter lets the recipient of the letter know that the invitation that he sent to the supplier was received by the supplier.

A tender acknowledgment letter is written by including the intention of the supplier to make a submission of the bid. The letter is written with the letterhead of the supplier’s company so that the recipient can ensure that the letter was sent by the authentic person. The letter can be sent either electronically or in the form of a letter.

When to send the letter of acknowledgment?

The letter of acknowledgment is sent as soon as the supplier receives the tender request from the company. In simple words, the letter of acknowledgment is a kind of receipt that is sent when the tender request is received.

What is the purpose of writing the letter of acknowledgment?

The basic objective behind writing the letter of tender acknowledgment is to make the recipient know that you have received the request and you are ready to take action on it. The letter is also sent in order to tell the recipient that what actions you are going to take after receiving the request letter for tender.

How to write the tender acknowledgment letter?

When it comes to writing formal letters, it is important to know what to add in these letters and what format should be followed. Those people who are not aware of the format often make mistakes while writing the acknowledgment letter, which results in not communicating the details with the intended person in the right way. Here are the guidelines to follow for writing the tender acknowledgment letter in an effective way:

  1. Start the letter with the thank you statement for considering you to send the tender request letter.
  2. Inform the reader about the acknowledgment of the request and your decision regarding submitting the bid.
  3. Keep the letter concise but comprehensive enough to communicate all the important details with the recipient of the letter.

Sample Letters

Letter -1

Dear Ms. Monica,

This letter is to acknowledge the receiving of your tender package against our tender invitation [x], posted on 5th September 2020.

We have received all the required documents in proper condition. Your application is currently under review, as we are still receiving proposals from other companies. If your proposal gets selected or if any further documentation is required, you will be notified till the start of December 2020. In case of rejection, you will be informed around the same time as well.

Thank you for your interest and your patience.


John Smith.

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Letter -2

Dear Mr. Joe,

I am writing this letter to acknowledge that I have received your tender package submitted against our tender notice ABC, advertised on 3rd August 2020. All the documents were received in proper, readable condition.

We have not finalized our vendor of electronics for this new shop project yet, as there is some internal paperwork left to be completed before selecting and hiring the vendor. The selected candidate will be sent the tender acceptance letter till 15th October 2020.

We appreciate your patience and interest in our new project.


Sarah James.

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