Tender Acceptance Letter

What is the tender acceptance letter?

A tender acceptance letter is a formal document that is written by the supplier to the company when he accepts the request letter of the company. This letter is written upon receiving the request letter. it should be stated in the letter that it is being written because the supplier has found the quotation of the company to be feasible.

How to write the tender acceptance letter?

The tender acceptance letter is also a formal document, and it also needs to be drafted by keeping all the main points in consideration which are important for writing formal letters.

A person writing the acceptance letter should understand the fact that writing the letter with appropriate details is crucial for his business to be successful. The dealing between the supplier and the company will not go well if the supplier does not communicate well through the tender acceptance letter. Below are some basic guidelines to be followed for writing the tender acceptance letter:

  1. Start the letter by letting the recipient know that you have received his tender request letter, and you have liked the offer made by the recipient. It should be made clear at the start that you are accepting the tender request and are willing to work with the company.
  2. Mention the date on which you will be ready to supply your products to the company.
  3. Write the letter positively by telling the recipient that you have accepted the request because you are looking forward to a great time to spend with the company.
  4. End the letter with good wishes and hopes.

Tips for writing the tender acceptance letter in an appropriate way

  1. The tone of the letter should be firm that should make the recipient feel that you are writing with firmness and tenderness.
  2. Refer to the request that was made to you for submitting the bid and then reply to that  request in an appropriate way
  3. End the letter by emphasizing on your decision to accept the request again so that you can reaffirm your decision

Sample Letters

Letter -1

Dear Ms. Sarah,

I am pleased to write this letter and inform you about the acceptance of [X]’s tender submitted on 5th December 2020 against the tender notice [X] of ABC Limited, posted on 14th November 2020. You have been selected as a construction firm for building our new mall for the [X] project.

We need to finalize the terms and conditions as well as complete the contract signing and other formalities. Let us know your availability in the next week for a meeting. Kindly, email the filled-in commitment form and the list of documents (attested photocopies) mentioned in the tender notice.

Let us know if you need any details on [X]. We look forward to having a long-term relationship with your company.


Peter Robert.

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Letter -2

Dear Mr. Steven,

We are glad to inform you about your tender acceptance for office furniture submitted on 7th October 2020, against our tender notice [X], posted on 8th September 2020.

We are shifting in our new office on 1st January 2020, because of which we will be needing all the office furniture till 29th December 2020, to have a margin for the seating arrangements. If it is convenient for you, let us have a meeting on Wednesday, next week, i.e. 5th November 2020 and finalize all the terms and conditions, and complete the formalities. We would appreciate it if you supply the first batch of the office desks in November 2020.

Kindly, send the filled and signed commitment form and let us know if you need any details at [X].


Ross James.

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