Parent Feedback Forms

The use of parent’s feedback is important when you want to establish a strong two-way communication between the parents and the school. The feedback form is used by the school to know about the concerns and problems of the parents regarding the school or their child.

What is parents’ feedback form?

The parent’s feedback form is a document which is used by the management of the school to know if the parents are satisfied with the performance of the school.

Just like any other business, the school’s owner [management] is also interested to get the feedback. The feedback from the parents lets the owner know about the performance of the school, the staff’s performance, the condition of the child and a lot more.

The parents are also given the opportunity to suggest anything good for the school which they think can bring improvement in the school’s working.

The simplest feedback form contains two fields. The first field is for telling the problem and the other field is the solution to that problem. However, a comprehensive form can also be prepared.

There are different types of services that are provided by the school such as transport, class activities, food etc. The parents can be asked to provide the feedback about those services so that the school can improve them.

Moreover, the feedback about the performance and the behavior of the teacher also matters a lot for the school and parents since a teacher plays an important role in character building of a child. If the child is weak on a specific subject, the feedback form allows the parents to give details about it.

At the end of the form, you can ask the parents to tell if their child has shown any improvement in overall performance, character building, attitude, life skills, social etiquettes etc.

The format of the feedback form may vary as it depends on the needs and requirements of the institute. The template of the form can also be obtained which will not only save your time but will also provide a professional looking document.

Preview and Details of Templates

Parent feedback form for school


Parent Feedback Form for School Template

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Parent Feedback Form for Teacher Evaluation


Parent Feedback Form for Teacher Evaluation Template

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