Loan Application Letter

Applying for the loan requires you to provide a lot of documentations. Some organizations ask you to fill the loan application form while in some cases; you have to write a loan application letter to the institute to apply for the loan.

The loan application letter allows you to add all those details which you are required to provide. The letter is written to the loan manager of the company, and he then decides whether he should accept the application or not. The letter should include the personal information of the applicant, and since it is a formal letter, it should be written to the point by avoiding unnecessary details. The lender should follow a standard format while writing the loan application letter. The loan manager should be told about the intended use of the money.

The first paragraph of the letter should state the reason of lending the money. It should be assured in the letter that you will not use this money for any illegal purpose. The date on which the applicant will return the borrowed money should be mentioned in the letter.

You should also include such information about you in the letter that can make the reader feel that you are a trustworthy person. Here is a sample letter that you can help you know about the structure and format of the letter.

Loan application letter:

Dear [Recipient’s Name],


It is stated that I am writing this letter to request for the loan from the finance office of your company because of some of very peculiar and essential needs of mine. My mother is seriously ill, and I must get her treated at the hospital for which I need money. Please accept my loan application and sanction me $2000. I assure you that I will return you the loan from the deductions of my gross salary.

I will be highly obliged for this favor of yours.

I am looking forward to your reply.

[Your Name]


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Loan application letter


Loan Application Letter Template

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