Clothing Store Inventory Template

Every store keeps a record of its stock that it can view at any given time. This way, the management of the store remains well-informed about the stock and they never go out of stock. The inventory is a collection of items a store needs to do its operations. Whenever a customer places an order, the inventory list is checked to determine if the specific product is available. If it is available, it is sold out to the customer.

It is essential for a retail store to keep track of all the items it has stocked up. When it comes to a clothing store, it is not always the quantity of items that matters. Rather, the store managers are also required to keep an eye on various sizes they have at the given point in time. Due to this, the use of the inventory list for a clothing store is a bit tricky and also essential at the same time. 

Is it essential to use a clothing store catalog?

You will never find a clothing store that does not have a catalog being used by it because it helps the store manage its stock and serve its customers in a better way. These days, customers need a quick response and they don’t waste time on the stores that take time. Therefore, all the shops use a catalog to remain active and super quick for their customers. 

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Clothing store inventory template

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What information is provided in the inventory of the attire store?

A retail store includes the information in its inventory which is mentioned below:

Product code:

To identify and retrieve a product in a huge stock, every product and its copies are assigned a code. Whenever the information about the availability of that product in the warehouse of the store needs to be seen, the code is entered and the information comes in front of the retailer. 


The description of the product generally includes the type and name of the fabric being sold by the store, the color of the product and all the colors that are available in the store, sizes that are available in case the fabric is stitched, and much more. Some stores also mention the instructions as to how the fabric should be washed to keep it looking like a new dress for a long period. 


The most important information that is added to the stock record document is the quantity of the product being sold out. This is an essential part of the stock as it tells how many products are available in the warehouse of the store and whether the product is going to be out of stock or not.

The quantity also tells whether the product is a best-selling product or not. This way, a brand gets plenty of information about the product it is thinking of manufacturing shortly. 


Information on the prices of every product is mentioned in the stock that the retailers recall when they are running the store as it is not possible for them to remember all of them when there are a lot of items in the stock. 

Details of the supplier:

Some stores sell items of various brands under one roof and when this happens, the customer also wants to know about the name of the manufacturer, supplier, and much more. These details are also mentioned in the stock document as there are numerous fields and each field carries information about the supplier.

Some documents also include the contact details of the supplier so that the store owner can contact them and request them to restock the products that are in demand and have gone out of stock quickly. 

Clothing store stock document template:

Inventory templates for different stores are usually the same as they serve the same purpose for every shop. However, there are a few details that are specific to the products a brand is selling. Therefore, if you find a template that you have found suitable for keeping track of the inventory of your fabric store, you can download it and customize it to meet your needs.

Clothing Store Inventory Template

File Excel (.xls) 2003+ and iPad 
Size 31 KB