Letter to Investigate an Applicant’s Credit Reference

It is the responsibility of a business to investigate the credit reference of an applicant. There are some necessary procedures to be carried out for conducting the investigation.

The applicant whose credit reference is to be investigated should be addressed properly in the letter. The purpose of the investigation is to know whether the applicant should be given a credit approval or not.

When a business wants to approve the credit, it should ensure that the credit is being issued to a legitimate person. Every organization conducts some investigation before issuing the credit. The applicants are asked to give a name of a reference who can be contacted for investigation.

This letter is usually written when you want to request the recipient for a favor. This letter should be written in such a way that it describes everything but briefly. There should not be too long details in the letter as formal letters are written precisely.

The applicant provides the name of the person from whom he gets credit reference. You can write this letter to that person in order to investigate the credit reference.

How to write the letter to investigate the credit reference of the applicant?

The letter should tell the recipient that someone has given his name as a credit reference. Since the purpose of writing this letter is to get the credit history of the reference, you should request the recipient for the credit history. Also, make the recipient know that the credit details provided by him will be kept confidential.

At the end of the letter, tell the recipient that you will be highly thankful to him for helping you in conducting the investigation.

Tips for writing the letter:

  1. Use proper salutation in the letter
  2. Make sure that there is no spelling or grammatical mistake in the letter
  3. The recipient should be described everything so that he can understand why you write him an investigation letter.
  4. The length of the letter should be limited to one page.

Sample Letter

ABC Company has forwarded your contact to us for as a credit reference for the account they have applied with us. For processing your application further, we would like to collect some more information from you like when did you start to trade with ABC, what were their monthly purchases, when do they make a payment.

We can assure you that the information provided by you will be forwarded to our credit control department and only they will have access to this data. We have a very strong policy for keeping our customer information confidential.

Letter to Investigate an Applicant’s Credit Reference

Letter to provide details of the credit reference

Dear ‘Name of Applicant’,

Your request for an account has been confirmed. In order for us to create the account, you are required to submit your credit reference. Your credit references are your past track record with credit and are provided to you by credit bureaus/agency.

Please submit the required documents by ‘Date’. If you have any questions, please contact us at [TEXT] or [TEXT].


Name of Writer,

Department Name,

Name of Organization.

Letter to provide details of the credit reference