Letter Requesting Cancellation of Services


Please be informed that I do not need your company’s services I ordered for [mention date]. This letter serves to end our business terms. According to our concurrence, I am informing you beforehand. I am doing this because of some reasons. My company will not do any marketing with your organization. The orders placed before this written documentation will not be canceled. All the delinquent payments will be cleared before the end of this agreement.

Till [mention date] we will secure all concerned reckonings. Kindly take this message as our contract discontinuation. For more queries, you can reach me through email. The time spent with you was appreciative.


I hope you have been doing great. I had been using your internet services for my exam preparation. My semester has been completed so I am moving to my hometown. I was staying in Manchester for educational purposes. It was mentioned in contract papers that in case of letting you know beforehand will mark no retribution. I have made the payment for this month and attached to the message is a signed agreement copy. I was wholly satisfied with the services you provided during my stay here. I request you to please substantiate my agreement’s revocation.


Hope things are good on your side. Please take this message as a cancellation of our business terms with your company. We are moving our head office to Manchester and all official dealings will be dealt with from there. You are requested to clear all the bill statements before [mention date]. This message also serves to cancel all the agreements that have been settled between us. As per the contract’s policy, I am letting you know this a month before. For more information, you can visit our office from 9 am to 2 pm.


I am Darcy Meghan and on [mention date], I placed an order for some beauty products from your website. I have received negative reviews about these products and I want to cancel my order. I had also placed an order previously but the products were expired. Your manager had assured me that this has been done unintentionally. This time, after placing the order, I got negative reviews about your products. I request you to please refund my money this week. Your collaboration will be highly regarded in this matter.


I am Alexander Steven, administration office in ABC Organization. Our company has its annual dinner ceremony on [mention date]. For this reason, I had booked the second floor of your restaurant. I am so sorry to let you know that there is an immediate need to cancel the booking. Our CEO has an important meeting to attend in Chinghai and he is leaving on [mention date].

I know that letting you know at the eleventh hour about cancellation is unethical. I will contact you soon after rescheduling the date. Please confirm the cancellation and please let me know what other requirements I need to make. I will appreciate your cooperation in this regard.


I have been a regular member of the E-library for a long time. I joined the library to prepare for my competitive exams due to its peaceful ambiance. I enjoyed studying here and it was a second home to me. I have done with my exams and from now on I will not visit the library. I had planned to come here for genuine reading but I have got a job offer in New Jersey.

I am moving there on [mention date] and I request you to please cancel my membership. Each thing in the library from furniture to staff was extraordinary. I will miss the lavish time I spent here and it has marked an everlasting memory in my mind. I was much satisfied with your services. I want to know the formalities required to cancel my membership. When I will come again to Valley Stream, I would love to visit the library.


This letter has been penned to inform you about the cancellation of my flight that was reserved for tomorrow. My elder brother has died today and I have to make all the funeral arrangements. For this reason, I can’t attend a business meeting in Canada. I request you cancel my flight. Please let me know if you have any refund policy so may I proceed with further requirements. Thank you for your cooperation.

Letter requesting cancellation of services