Letter of Intent to Accept Proposal

This is a letter that people write when they have to explain their intentions. When an individual or a business wants to accept the proposal that was submitted to them by a service provider, they can write a letter of intent to embrace the offer. 

What type of letter is it?

This is a formal kind of letter that people write to those who are interested in working with them. There is a specific audience for such letters, and they should be written in such a way that they target the intended audience in an efficacious way. 

When a business receives an offer that is worth accepting, it is important to let the right audience know that its offer has been given consideration. No business deal or process can be initiated unless you write the letter to show that you have accepted the offer.

This letter is an effective way to show the intentions oneself to initiate a business deal. After reading this letter, the reader should be able to know that his offer has been embraced so that he also starts preparing himself for working on the project.  

What is the content of the letter for expressing the intention?

This is a formal letter that is written in a number of paragraphs. The letter is subdivided into various sections and each section gives a different type of information. The first paragraph of this letter is an introductory section in which the business tells that it has accepted the offer of the reader.

The introduction should not be too long or too short. You should be wise enough to know how many introductions you should provide that should be sufficient. 

In the next section, you should confirm you have accepted the proposal. In other words, this is the area where you will show your intent. You must refer to the proposal first to make it clear which proposal you are accepting and the date on which you received it. 

Most of the acceptance letters invite the reader to visit the company and discuss a few matters in detail before they officially agree. So, providing contact details of the company is an important step. 

The last paragraph of the letter should be based on the closing. In this part, the reader should be appreciated for making the offer. In the end, let the reader know that you are happy about being made an offer. Since it is a formal letter, you need to close it like any other formal letter.

For your easy understanding, a sample letter of intent has been shared below.

Sample Letter

I am writing this letter with the firm intent to accept your proposal submitted to us on [DATE]. Please, refer to this letter to bid [#]and proposal [#]. Please find the copies of ULX and AP-summary attached as Annexure-IV.

On [DATE], a proposal was submitted to the [COMPANY] by your project management team. Our scrutiny team has gone through the project proposal. The proposal is comprehensive and precisely speaks of every aspect entailing the project.

Our team has expressed firm intent and satisfaction with the proposal details. The proposal is wholesome and encompasses all the important points but there are some reservations to our project manager that have been demonstrated in the following points:

  • The proposal illustrates that a budget of USD [$] is required for the project’s completion. The proposal has all the sideline expenses added whereas we submitted in our letter earlier (please, refer to letter [#]) in which it was confirmed that all the sideline expenses will be borne by our company itself. The addition of the sideline expenses into the main budget makes it USD [$], thus, our financial expert team wishes to let it remain the same as the amount of USD [$].
  • Another point of clash is the logistic expense. In the bid summary we sent, it was mentioned that the expense of logistics will be carried out by the company working on the project, i.e. [NAME THE COMPANY] in case the project is finalized. We ensure that we will provide all the relevant data evaluated and compiled till [DATE] but the expense of logistics will have to be carried by your company.
  • Lastly, our team has reservations about the deadlines set for the project. We need to compile and complete the project by [DATE] as we are hosting a conference of foreign delegates in [MONTH]. In [MONTH], it will become highly difficult and arduous for our team to pursue the tasks related to this project.

Please, study the mentioned points and respond to us in an unambiguous way that would illustrate all the points meticulously.

We thank you for drafting the proposal and accepting our deal. We expect a fruitful outcome of your laborious and arduous efforts to make it possible. We apologize for the inconvenience this modification can bring.

We tentatively accept your proposal, but a confirmation letter of total acceptance would be sent after mentioned modifications. If you want to discuss the mentioned points, do not hesitate to contact our project manager at [EMAIL]. Thank you.

Letter of intent to accept proposal

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