Letter for Cancellation of Order

We often write letters to sellers to request them to cancel our order. It is a formal letter that should outline the purpose clearly and concisely.

There are numerous situations when we have to write a letter for cancellation of an order. We often do it because of some genuine reasons such as realizing that we have placed a wrong order. However, the cancellation often causes inconvenience to the seller. Therefore, one should be careful while writing this letter.

Mention order details:

A company has to deal with many customers and their orders in a single day. So, it would not be possible for it to process your order cancellation request if you don’t give the order details. A unique order number is assigned to you when you place the order. Mention that order number so that the customer representative can easily work on your request.

Mention the cause:

Tell the reader what caused you to cancel the order. Don’t forget to thank the reader at the end in advance. You should know that your letter often creates trouble for the company as the cancellation becomes complex once the order has been processed. Therefore, showing regret and gratitude in the letter should be your common practice.

Keep it precise:

Make sure that the letter is short and to the point as the reader does not want to read unnecessary details.

Sample letter 1:

Subject: Request an order cancellation for [DETAIL]

Respected sir,

We hope that you received our order (mention the order number) on 17th August 20XX. We are regretful to let you know that we no longer want to receive this order. As per the order details, you can see that it has been a long time since we placed the order. We have waited so long for you to execute the order. However, you did not execute it. We also sent you various emails to inquire about the order status but there was no satisfactory response from your side. Considering all this, we have decided to cancel the order and place a new order at a different store.

I know processing the cancellation of an order is not easy, especially when it has been shipped. However, we are feeling regret to tell you that we will no longer be in the position to receive this order and therefore, it would be so kind of you if you cancel the order and not waste your money on shipping.

We humbly request you cancel the order and process the refund.  Thank you so much for your consideration. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Subject: Request an order cancellation on/for [DETAILS]

Respected sir,

This letter is being written because I want to put forward a request to you to please cancel my order, order ID of which is [36463] I placed this order on 2nd September 20XX. I have decided to cancel this order because I just realized that the size I ordered is incorrect and I need to reconsider placing another order. I know that the sudden cancellation of the order causes a great inconvenience to you. However, your valued customers always need your support and cooperation.

I am going to place another order at your store and therefore, I would like to ask you to please cancel the order I placed earlier. Since I also made the payment for that order, you are being requested to refund the payment. If you have any problem processing the refund, you can issue me the voucher so that I can place another order with your brand.

I will be so thankful to you for your quick response to my request. If you want to know more, please contact me at [##]. I am looking forward to hearing from you.