Invoice Request Letters & Emails

An invoice is a documentation receipt generated during a business transaction. A seller issues this invoice to their customer. The invoice lists the products, quantity of product and the prices at which the products are being sold. Invoices for services indicate the type of work assigned, the number of hours worked and the number of days spent. If an employee worked extra hours or on holidays the information is also mentioned separately.

How to request an invoice from supplier/Vendor?

A written letter or an email is sent to the supplier/vendor, requesting for invoice. The letter consists of a request for an invoice for the amount of the number of products or services and the agreed prices for the products or services. This helps customers record the amount of payment they have to make to the supplier.

Request letter for original invoice

Letter of request for the original invoice is basically requesting for the original document issued by the vendor or service provider during the business transaction. For example, point of sale (POS) receipt or an online order confirmation are original invoices. For example

Request letter for original invoiceDear Mr. XYZ,

This is a request for the issuing of the original invoice of our business transaction made on ‘Date’. The transaction was made for ‘details of the products/services’. Order reference number of our transaction is ‘xxx-xxx-xxx’.


Please forward us the original invoice.




Invoice letter for payment

Payment invoice letter is issued by the seller to their customer to indicate what product or service the customer has bought, the quantity, the prices and other details such as time of order and time of delivery. Some businesses provide a specific amount of time for the payment. This time period is mentioned in the original invoice. Moreover, some businesses also provide discounts on fast payments. For example, payments made within 15 days may be given 10% discount, or payment made within 30 days may get a 5% discount. For example

Invoice letter for paymentDear Mr. XYZ,

This letter is being sent to issue the invoice letter for payment. Our transaction was made on ‘Date’, regarding the ‘details of product/service’.

You will find the invoice attached to this letter. Please make sure to confirm the details on the invoice with the details of the transaction. If you have any queries, contact me on my number, ‘Phone number’.




Request an invoice via email

To request for an invoice, the concerned personnel issue an email consisting of details of the products or services bought. The name, price, and quality, as well as the time order, need to be included in the email. The order number is also included as a reference. These details make it easy for the supplier/vendor to recognize the order the invoice is being requested for. For example

Email requesting an invoiceDear Mr. XYZ,

This email is being sent to request a digital invoice for our agreed transaction on the ‘date’, regarding the ‘name and details of the product’/service’. The reference number of the transaction is ‘xxx-xxx-xxx’.

Please send us a digital invoice of our transaction.




Request letter for a tax invoice

Request for tax invoice is usually made between dealers who sell goods to each other. The tax invoice contains the details of the products or services sold such as quantity, the rate per unit and the total goods value. The letter used to request for such details among the dealers to record the business transaction. The date the deal was made on and the order confirmation date should also be included in the letter so relevant invoice can be issued to the concerned personnel. For example

Request letter for a tax invoiceDear Mr. XZY,

This letter is being issued to request for the tax invoice concerning our business transaction made on ‘Date’. The agreement made was regarding ‘details of product/services’. The reference number is as follows, ‘xxx-xxx-xxx’.

We request you to please send us the tax invoice for our transaction.