Employee Character Certificates

An employee character certificate is a document that certifies and verifies the good moral character and conduct of an employee. This certificate serves as proof of the morality of an employee during their tenure of employment in an organization.

A current or old employer can serve as a character reference and can issue an employee character certificate. It is not a legal obligation for employers to issue this certificate. Nevertheless, if an employer is certain of an employee’s character, he or she is usually not reluctant to issue this character certificate.

A character certificate is useful for an employee in various circumstances.

  • When an employee leaves a job and wants to start a new job, the new employer might require a character certificate from an old employer to ascertain that the employee has not been involved in any immoral or illegal acts.
  • Sometimes an employee may request that his or her current employer issue him a character certificate, which may have to be used for different purposes.
    • If an employee wants to apply for a visa or immigration, an employee character certificate is a prerequisite.
    • If an employee wants to apply for higher studies, the character certificate is requested by the universities.
    • If an employee has to undergo some government procedures, the government asks for such a certificate.
    • If an employee is mistakenly involved in a lawsuit and the employee wants evidence to prove him innocent, his lawyer might ask him to seek his employer’s help and get a character certificate issued.

An employee can use one character certificate for different organizations. However, generally, the validity of the character certificate is one year, after which the employee needs to get a new one.

An employee character certificate can be designed in programs such as Microsoft Word, or the existing templates in such programs can be used as well. There are only slight variations in the format of this certificate across companies or countries. However, overall, the general format includes:

  • Date
  • Name and details of the employee
  • Tenure of employment
  • Name and details of the employer
  • Signature of the issuer
  • Verification statement about the good moral character of the candidate

The certificate is stamped with the company stamp and serves as a guarantee by an employer in which he assures to the best of his knowledge that the employee possesses a good moral character.

Sample Employee Character Certificates


It is to certify that Mr. ABC has been a valued employee of the XYZ organization since __/__/__ (joining date). From the very beginning, he had shown his best behavior and never left any room for complaint.

He has not only been dutiful towards his responsibilities but has also exhibited great character and integrity. He has been a role model for internees who join our organization to gain experience as part of their degree requirements. He has showered incredible character and has been responsible since he started his tenure at this organization. He has been acknowledge for these attributes.

Now, as he seeks new opportunities at other organizations, we wish him all the very best for his future. It takes time to find your momentum and make your place in a foreign environment, but I have no doubt that he would be able to do it in no time.


I am writing this letter to certify that Mr. ABC has been working at XYZ organization since __/__/__ (joining date) in the capacity of a manager. He has shown exemplary behavior during his employment tenure.

He is extremely respectful towards his colleagues and seniors and has gained tremendous appreciation during this period. His work ethic is great, as he keeps improving and learning skills. For him, learning is a never-ending skill, irrespective of the age of the learner. At our organization, he is known for his punctuality, integrity, and reliability.

He is someone who can be trusted with important clients as well as complex projects because he believes in overcoming obstacles and hurdles to get the job done. He has been an asset to our organization, but one must also seek out other offers to gain more experience and come out of one’s comfort zone.

We wish him good luck in his future endeavors and hope that he is valued the same as he is valued at our organization.


It is to certify that Mr. ________ has been a valued employee of XYZ Company for 8 years. His major attributes are good character, experience, and leadership.

He joined this company as a junior, but his hard work and enthusiasm helped him acquire the position of manager in no time. He has displayed excellent character and integrity over his entire employment period. His leadership qualities have not only helped him but also helped his team members because the example he sets is unmatchable. As a senior, you hardly get to see such employees who take on difficult projects and make sure to complete them by hook or crook.

This attribute is a great show of character because these qualities are in-built and cannot be learned from institutions. He has exhibited amazing professionalism during his tenure, and I am sure that he will continue to exhibit the same virtues at other places of employment.

I have great hope in him that, if he is given the right direction, he can truly achieve a lot in less time. Best of luck.


I am writing this to certify that Mr. _______ has been employed at XYZ organization for a period of 5 years since he joined the company on __/__/__. He has been an exceptional employee and has been acknowledged and appreciated by the administration for his amazing qualities.

He has been extremely professional and gained huge respect from juniors and seniors alike. He has maintained a high level of professionalism and has been valued immensely. Very few employees have the attitude of learning new skills instead of sticking to the same old-fashioned ways.

Mr. ______ managed to gain the confidence vote of all employees for integrating the use of technology into our daily office work. It has not only made our work easier but has also improved its quality.

Over his five years of employment, he has learned from all his seniors and acquired their appreciation. Because of these virtues, his skill set has improved a lot, and it will keep on enhancing due to his passion and commitment to work. As he embarks on a new journey of acquiring other opportunities, he will be missed, and we wish him good luck in his future endeavors. He will prove his worth over time and make his place immediately because of his absolutely strong display of character and spirit.




This is to certify that

Ms. Emily John has worked as an [TEXT] employee for our company ‘The Caring Home’ from January 12, 20XX, to March 16, 20XX, for a period of two years and two months. We found her to be a person of good moral character. Her conduct throughout her tenure was outstanding.

Her job responsibilities included taking care of the people admitted to our organization. She always dealt with people of all ages calmly, and we never got a complaint regarding her harsh or rude behavior. She was one of those employees with whom everyone wanted to work because of her professional and disciplined approach.

We feel happy and proud to verify her good character, and to the best of our knowledge, she has never been involved in any legal cases.

We wish her the best of luck!




Employee character certificate template