Festival Greeting Emails


Re: Christmas Greetings and Prepossessed Delights of New Year Eve

Dear Employees, this writing enthusiastically wishes you all to stay safe and healthy during these perilous times of COCID-19 and along with this wish, we would take advantage of this moment in greeting you a very happy Christmas Eve followed by New Year’s Eve. This season is always marked as the most significant of all the times as we take this occasion for a prolonged fiesta and time of great relief.

The time of enjoying the snow, Christmas lights, and bright lights faded by the hail which is marked between eight to ten days is of great pleasure for the daily workers like all of us.

I delightedly announce that the company earned surplus more than expected, so we take this moment to dedicate this victory to those who made it possible with the untiring efforts of day and night. Thank you

Suarte Kemel
GHK Groups
45th Avenue, California, USA

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Re: Happy New Year-20XX

Dear All,

The year-end has been filled with the seasons of festivals and rush of greetings from everywhere. Under these colorful brollies of festivals and festivities, we do not stand out and up to greet all of our employees with much enthusiasm and zeal for the New Year.

We take this occasion to make the preceding year fruitful and wonderful in business and appreciate your contribution to uplifting the value of our work. We hope and wish to continue working with all of you in 20XX with the same dedication and strong teamwork.

Wish you all the best of luck and blessings for the coming year. We also extend our gratitude for your cooperation in the critical times of COVID-19 and wish you to stay safe.


Jenny Emmel
Simon Durand Groups of Technology and Programming
3-B/33 City Houses, California, USA

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Re: Greetings to Our Team Peaceful and Prosperous Christmas and New Year Eve to Our Unbeatable Industrious Team

Dear Stern Tech Family,

I hope you all are doing well and safe these days acting upon the recommended SOPs in the contagion virus COVID-19. I would like to make this particular moment remarkable by sending a great deal of love, support, wishes of peace, and prosperity to all of you with the blessings of this Christmas and New Year.

I would also take this while more peculiar and exceptional by accenting and praising the efforts of our worthy employees.

We would love to keep working with you in the coming year and hope for the same energy and determination from you. Thank you for being part of the team of the MSCUS Steel Industry.


John McCarthy
DAMASCUS Steel Industry
89-D, DeKat Square, California, USA

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Re: Best Wishes for the New Year and Greetings on the Felicitations of Christmas Eve

Dear Team Members,

Occasions are not only the moments to greet each other but an excellent chance to realize each other their significance and your penchant and affection for them. We are taking this moment to appreciate our team and all the workers who have contributed to making this company run and function at its best.

Do not forget to tell your family and friends this Christmas and subsequent New Year’s Eve that how much they matter to you and assure them that they are the fuel to the engine of your life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! May you spend these moments in complete peace and feel each air of the merriments.


The Managing Director
David Scott
Simon SKJ Ideas and Techno Group
33-A/89p California, USA

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Re: Happy Season of Felicitations and Celebrations

Dear Employees,

December comes with a great chance of relieving you and we make sure to provide the best moments of leisure and relaxation to exhale all the negative energy and baggage of work at the end of the year. Yes, I am talking about Christmas and New Year. They both come to felicitate us and recess our hectic routines of daily life.

We wish you to spend this season of events with your family and friends and make the best memories of Christmas-20XX and New Year-21XX. We extend our greetings to thank you to participate in the nourishment of our business and exalting the pace of work to your best.

We are happy to have your contribution to the team of XCL Groups. Thank you, Have a great Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous beginning of 2021.


Armour Latex
XCL Groups
Jakarta Market, California, USA

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