Strong Email for Delay of Work

Whenever your client has decided to work with you and assigned you a project for successful completion, he will judge you and your team’s performance based on two parameters: The budget you take to complete the work and the time you take in delivering the project.

Every person who wants to demonstrate himself as a responsible person who can meet the requirements of his client knows how important it is to not delay the work. This is the reason; most of the individuals and companies dread delivering the project slate and making his credibility question. Unfortunately, some people don’t take care of their clients and delay their work. In the situation when you are a client, you can write to the project manager and reprimand him for the delay.

What is a strong email for delay of work?

When you have asked the project team to complete the project and update you about the deliverables but you find out that he fails to do so, you can write an email to him. The purpose of writing this email is to let the reader know that you have been noticing the slow progress of work and it is a matter of concern for you. Therefore, you want him to speed up his work.

When to write the strong email for slow progress in assigned work?

 There are multitudes of situations in which this email can be written. A few of them are being discussed below:

  1. When your employee is not completing the work he has been assigned.
  2. When you cannot find any progress in the project you want to be completed within a specific time frame.
  3. When the team working on the project has already delayed the work and the deadline has passed.
  4. To reprimand the contractor who has been too slow in delivering the work.

What is the purpose of writing an email on slow progress?

The purpose of this email is to let the reader about the importance of working fast. This email will combat the slow progress if the client uses a strong tone to communicate his message. When the right tone and selection of words is made, the email can prompt the project team to work hard and more so that it does not offend its client anymore.

In this email, the client lets the team manager know that he can discontinue the project if the work does not progress at the expected pace. This gives a realization to the project manager about the seriousness of the matter.

How to write?

The management of the project is done only by the project manager. A part of management is also done by the client. So, to do his job, he frequently puts down various emails to his contractors and lets them know about the slow progress. A strong email shows that the client is not going to tolerate further delays in the work. Read below as to how you can write to succeed in your mission:

  • Discuss the delay:

Before you reprimand the contractor, you should make the base of your point of view. So, let the contractor know that there has been a lot of delay in the work. To support your claim, mention the date by which the contractor was supposed to be delivering the work and then let him know that there is a delay on his side and this is not acceptable. If you have tolerated delays in the past, bring them up to show how much tolerance you have already shown

  • Specify the importance of not delaying the work:

Although the professional contractor already knows the importance of delivering on time, you must come up with some facts and details of work and tell him that if he delivers on time, he can complete the project quickly

  • Reprimand the contractor:

Since the contractor has already delayed the work, you can use a strong tone to show that you have zero tolerance for the late delivery. Make him know that he will be responsible for the consequences if he does not start working and making quick progress in the assigned project.

Sample Email


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Subject: Continuous delay of work

Dear Sir/Madam,

This email is to bring to your notice that the (project name) has been delayed. The (name of the project) has still not been completed despite its deadline having been passed. This has been impacting the overall progress of the complete project. We are facing many hurdles due to this.

We hope that you take this email seriously and complete the task as soon as is possible.

I hope that you will direct this concern to the whole team. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us on (state number or email).


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Strong email for delay of work

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