Halloween Messages for Coworkers


Hey, there fella! Happy Halloween! You don’t have to come to work today, go scare the children outside. That will be one noble cause of October 31st.


Happy Halloween! I hope you decide to stay sober this time, unlike last time when everyone thought you turned into a ghost for Halloween not knowing you were just overindulged on coke (a cola). Jokes aside, let’s team up and scare everyone this time? What do you say, buddy?! Let me know today so we can go get the outfits together.


Hey, ghostie! Have a killer Halloween. Don’t take it literally though. Have a blast! This, too, don’t take it literally man. I just mean have a great and fun Halloween. And remember to share your pictures however you dress up as. The office enjoys your costumes every year! We do not want to be deprived of this awesomeness this year as well.


Hey, ‘fiend’. I hope this Halloween party you can dress up as the beast because you already know who’s the real beauty here ;)) Anyway, let’s plan a mini party, or shall I say a webinar at the office for everyone. Message me as soon as you see this.


October 31st; the day to be weird. But don’t worry you won’t have to put in much effort. We all already enjoy your weirdness every day at the office. Stay the same! More like, please stay sane. Especially on Halloween because we don’t want to take any risks.


Hey Amanda! Happy Halloween. Remember, good co-workers, share their candies! Be a good one, bring only treats, no tricks, we have already seen enough of them anyway.


Hey Richard! I just want to say stay the same and be yourself. Since it’s Halloween anyway, we need to be scared of something genuinely spooky this time!


Trick or treat? I say let’s do both. You already show us your tricks by dodging your workload and giving us all the extra work. So now it’s time to shower us with the amazing treats you got there. Or else we will all come to your door tonight at 8 pm. Stay safe!


Happy Halloween Steve! I hope you have an amazing Halloween and show us the inner monster you hide in you. We have heard about it all year long, it’s time to expose it. Jokes aside, we really are thrilled to see what character you’re going to be this time.


This Halloween I have made a cheesy joke for you Mona. Knock knock! Who’s there? A ghost. Wait, the ghosts don’t knock, they come through straight. Ok, this wasn’t as funny as I thought but I hope you dress up as funny as before. I miss your hotdog and t-rex costume from the previous Halloweens.


Happy Halloween from the warehouse guy. I mean the werewolf. Let’s hang out together tonight and go trick or treating like the 2019 Halloween.


Have a happy, spooky, jolly, scary time at Halloween, Howard. I would love to accompany you to the office Halloween party. Call me when you see this message so we can plan our outfits together.

Halloween messages for coworkers