Trick or Treat Messages for Halloween


Trick or treat?! I think you’re amazingly sweet. Don’t make your heart like concrete. I hope we get to meet. And I hope you find this little rhyming poem good enough to go trick or treating with me tonight.


Hey there bud! I’m hoping for a blast tonight at Halloween with the unethical spirits. Will you come trick or treating with me? Or will you be staying in like a goon? I hope you reply to choose the former because we already have enough goons brother.


Happy Halloween. I heard you are going to be a clown this year. But wait, aren’t you already one? Like every day of the year? Just kidding, can’t wait to see you fella!


Happy trick or treating Sam. Don’t forget to bring in my favorite candies or else your entry in the office will be banned until you show us all a trick! Remember, we all know you’re secretly a magician. Better watch out!


Happy monster’s day to this beast of a man. Consider this a compliment because no one’s seen such heavy arms before. Just come in as you are Dave, that will be enough for us this Halloween. No need to go hard on us this year!


Hey Samantha! Dave told us there’s going to be a costume party at the office including a trick or treat segment. I’m on a hunt for the scariest-looking outfits and I see you wear them the everyday difference in the office on regular days. Mind letting me borrow them for a day?. Just kidding, happy Halloween. See you at the party tonight!


On this full moon, with bright lights, monsters’ eyes, and horrendous tricks, I hope you keep your broomstick charged you, little witch! Fly high, fly solo! Stay the amazing witch queen as you are! Happy Halloween Sarah! Cannot wait to celebrate it tonight with you. I’ve got the nest candies you have been wanting from summer.


Life is good but Halloween makes it sweeter. I hope this Halloween you remember to bring the European candies and Swiss chocolate as you promised! Or else we’ll have you do door to door in the next building trick or treating!


Hey there Connor! I was thinking about our costume for this year’s Trick or Treat party at Halloween. Let’s be superheroes, man. I’ll be superman or batman. You are Peter Griffin from The Family Guy. Or Homer Simpson from The Simpsons. I mean we both already got the body for it.


The best part about Halloween is trick or treat. Well, mostly it’s only the treats because the tricks aren’t amusing enough. But let’s see your best tonight as I heard you’ll be performing some tricks for the office?! Can’t wait to encounter the awesomeness.


Hey there Heidi. I heard you’re looking for a beast for your Halloween as you’re going to be Belle. Let me tell you, Matthew will be the perfect pair for you as he looks like a total beast in every negative way possible. Joking, let’s get this party started tonight. See you! Happy trick or treating.

Trick or treat messages for Halloween